Twenty Minutes Of Mass Effect Andromeda’s First Mission

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  1. Is this console or pc game play? either way it looks like shit optimization, bad texture pop ins, skipping, bad lip syncing even where its working and cringe dialog…..this game cannot be coming out in a week. Thanks for the play through tho kotaku.

  2. So much lag, what is this being played on?

  3. Jesus this looks bad for a 2017 game. Atrocious lip sync, janky framerate and 5 year old graphics.

  4. Are those the characters in the game?? They look boring as fuck.

  5. Is this crappy capture, or is this 720p mess the actual game….. if it’s the game…. I can see a huge revolt happening…..

  6. why does this game look so bad

  7. Wow what Fallout 3 mod is this?!

  8. patchypatches the third

    oh god the face anims

  9. Can you upload this again in 1080p 60fps video?

  10. 0:47 Next gen character models people 2017

  11. it’s just hit me that this game will be bad and meet no one’s expectations. what a damned shame.

  12. thank you, because of this video I will NOT be buying Mass Effect Andromeda.

  13. The lack of any co-ordination between the vocals and the lip movements is baffling for a AAA game. The dialogue delivery is FLAT, no where near older BioWare games. No background music to fill in the void during dialogues. Oh, and the performance looks terrible. The characters look dead & emotionless. I mean… I hate to say this, but…

  14. Did they run this game from an empty cornflakes box?

  15. Fucking terrible. But then again, what do you expect from modern Bioware?

  16. Sam the AI is going to be annoying. All the tech in the galaxy, and they made it sound like a Geth speaking over a walkie talkie.

  17. Looks very boring. I felt asleep watching halfway. Script seems blend too.

  18. i guess 10 yr olds who we called graphic snubs have grown up now and aren’t impressed with mass effect. good for you. go play Order 1866.

  19. A man with one hand

    PSA: Lip Syncing is out of sync in THIS video. Every other upload pretty much looks better. Lmao good job Kotaku.

  20. Why do the characters look and move so weirdly? This game is weird as hell.

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