Try Not To Get AGE-RESTRICTED Challenge

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This is a perfectly FAMILY FRIENDLY video about a fun game where I am an Orc who gives massages.


  1. Coulda just played minecraft

  2. GlutenFreeCracker

    Mark should start a channel where he’s not afraid to get age restricted.

  3. The star fox sound bytes made my day

  4. O think, I know what game will blow up on steam in near future.(Im part of it)

  5. Ah yes Twinkletoes the Orc and his Massage adventures, always holesome.

  6. wrong mark. this is a h3nta1 simulator. we all know it dont hide it

  7. Mark, you need to say during gameplay “I can smell the calcium, your bones have soooo much calcium.” sometime.

  8. Wait is markaplier still family friendly channel?? he playing some games that are NOT family friendly? Super confused

  9. the worst part is that Lixian had to watch all of this to blur it, I pray for you lixian

  10. Mark is just introducing this game to more people lol

  11. Kingdom Hearts Army

    I hope you don’t get banned from YouTube because you’ve been part of people’s childhoods for years and I hope you keep your career for many more years to come. I wish you the best, Markiplier.

  12. Why I did watch this video

  13. Nerd Lair Gaming Live

    We know why he did this. He did this for Cory. My respect is through the roof for you Mark

  14. Hey Mark will you be playing ‘Layers of Fears’ and ‘The Devil in me’ theyre new games coming out, ones a reimagining of Layers of Fear, it looks amazing

  15. Watching the Vid before YT randomly decides to age restrict it

  16. This is the best way Mark can prove a point.

  17. he knew about the youtube thing. guaranteed

  18. “Just because the people have this pre-conceived notions of who you are just based on being a ‘giant orc’, doesn’t mean anything. Its judgemental, its prejudice. Its not fair. I’m here trying to uphold my values, my beliefs….
    And all these people they keep comin in here assuming that something ‘unsavory’ is occuring, just like you comin into this video assuming that something ‘unsavory’ was happening here, that’s a judgmement on me and that’s you judging me…”

    Mark is smart to leave cryptic message and foolish at the same time to risk his whole channel of being banned

  19. Sleeping Ninja quiet time

    Google will demonitize these vids but they have no problem selling these games in the Google play store to kids

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