TODAY WE ROB A BANK – Payday 3 with Cartoonz & Squirrel

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Friends in video

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#H2ODelirious #Delirious


  1. I love how we went from wanting to see his face to wanting him to keep it a secret just because of how infamous he is for it 😀

  2. it’s kinda a sin that payday doesn’t have his *MOTHER* favourite mask(jason mask)

  3. 👑Fluffyiowo👑

    0:15 terrorist moment

  4. Y’all need to play the entire Payday series now

  5. 24:38 SQUIRREL!!! gosh, DANG IT!!

  6. so happy to see delirious get cloakered

  7. he has met the cloaker his time is soon

  8. who remembers seeing pay day 3 posters at game stop years ago 😂

  9. Looks like they’re Clokers gotten a great

  10. Damn dog your content became literally unwatchable


  12. “It’s a superhero help me” got me dead 😂

  13. clicked on this video straight away

  14. delirious watch out there is cloaker

  15. How do you invite your friends into a lobby

  16. Yes!!! Been waiting for so long for footage on this game!!!

  17. who the hell was that cyber ninja that attacked Delirious???

  18. I guess he never heard about Cloakers

  19. I’d love to see you play MK9-MK11 story mode

  20. 11:46 G= grenade 🤣🤣🤣

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