This Leather Face is 100% a AI BOT

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Friends in the Video:

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🎵 Outro song by SpacemanChaos:

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  1. Delirious- wake him up inside SAVE HIIMM😂😂😂

  2. That bubba was door slammed and should have fallen on his ass, but he was still standing not stunned. That is sus.

  3. @kennymccormick9594

    0:55 “He [William Shatner] looks like he’s 40” it’s called being rich!

  4. @antoniovasquez5209

    can you start playing Jason again please

  5. Delirious I have to say something I get really annoyed when people copy others thumbnails there is a certain YouTuber who has been copying someone’s thumbnails and titles and he has just copied your amazing helldivers video and if you want to see for your self his channel name is dempi

  6. Ai bots learning our strats

  7. watched the stream but still gonna watch this

  8. @blaqueseptember8147

    i noticed the title change 😀

  9. @marksmanm1garand_510

    Old content

  10. Its Stacy’s mom. Who tf is Jesse?? Lol.

  11. I love these kind of vids man

  12. @baddestpuppet696

    It’s unique type of fear you’ll feel when you hear:


  13. You can’t fool me Delirious, I saw that title change 😉

  14. my very first game i played just like that…the game does NOT specify the sprint button at first..especially on console.

  15. @deirdrekelly5642

    He got his big brother! 😂

  16. I love your channel so much man. I grew up watch your videos and just want to say thank you for giving me amazing videos to watch.

  17. Wait it’s actually happened! Delirious is playing it again! Finally…inner peace

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