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Friends in Video:

Outtro song: By SpacemanChaos:

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  1. one like on the video = a vote for cartoonz!

  2. @1:22 wait… wait… WAIT!!!!!… No one is gonna at least try and figure out, if only for humor, how the FUCK 2 Goats Got Geese Wings? Cuz worse case scenerio, thats some Messed Up Farmer that mated a Goat with a Goose hahaha

  3. Can you play Fridaythe13th with me

  4. Why arent these videos longer??..

  5. H20 you like this game to dang much

  6. This goat simulator is very good

  7. Александра Алдибекова

    H20Delirious тебе надо сейчас Потом выходит может ну Убей BOSS KILL?

  8. Hi Delirious im working on a 3d original anime fighter game with OC characters and i was wondering if you could try it when its ready and if i could add u as a character

  9. 1:42 probably my favourite wheeze ever

  10. I cant believe he’s 35

  11. “It’s Not My Fault I Didn’t Wear Protection” ~ H20 Delirious

  12. If you haven’t already visit Royal Gorilla and visit a special town there is a surprise there I hope you find!

  13. I glitches through the wall with the rocket boots and got the diamond in the heist….

  14. Play Callisto protocol

  15. It would of been cool if they had of called the lumberjack luke just by pure coincidence

  16. now there is 3.4k likes and its only been 19 hours looks like cartoonz is winning this election.

  17. You missed me so much

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