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  1. To the ones that’s always here and always pop in from time to time… Thank you for always supporting this channel!

  2. Ah shi… Here we go again

  3. I’ll see yall next year for the next reveal 😂😃

  4. @whitetiger25570

    Every damn time you post these I always fall for it 😭

  5. @user-zc4cy6fp8f

    We love April Fool’s

  6. All the dog switches and “I’m so cute!” he did. Lol

  7. Imagine in one of these videos he revealed his actual face and we think it’s fake

  8. @evantdc-senpai5718

    Ah shit. Here we go again

  9. Here we go again…

  10. @SunshineDayz420

    I love him sm bruh he is just the best man on this planet 😭❤️ to be able to grow up and watch him is such an honor this man practically raised me❤️ I love you tons Delirious!

  11. @CoryxkenshinandBruceLeeTeam

    There is Vanoss

  12. @tyrantloose1949

    Can’t wait! I wonder who it is this time

  13. These are always a good watch. Thank you delirious. Much love ❤

  14. He does this every year but yet I still watch

  15. These April Fools jokes from Delirious never gets old 😂

  16. He was the one who ate the cheeseburger the whole time

  17. Traditional thing, Until its real .. 🤷🏽

  18. Same shit different year

  19. April Fouls King

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