The Breakdown with Zirene: The Power of Rakan (NA LCS Summer Week 1)

This week on The we’re breaking down the competitive strengths of after his multitude of flashy plays in the opening week of Summer.

Music by: Sean Barrett

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  1. I hate him already

  2. He’s Rakan the competitive scene right now

  3. Where’s the Longzhu vs SKT breakdown?

  4. Aphromoo really showed Rakan’s potential in the matches against C9. Huge props to him.

  5. As a melee support…. so u guys agree he should be made melee


  7. “save their Ashe” LUL

  8. I want jatt backkkkkkk

  9. “As they used Tahm Kench’s Devour to constantly save their ASHE” – Zirene 2017

  10. Hi everyone! Jatt not here ;_;

  11. i thought you can’t qss knock ups ?

  12. so you’re basically saying he is OP?

  13. SO basically rakan is a better alistar and makes the champion useless a bit like lucian did to old graves well done rito.

  14. Where’s my boy Jatt?

  15. The 5 bans. RIP Xayah Rakan Duo Bot Lane.

  16. You guys made a small typo at the end of the video, its LoLZirene

  17. he is getting a buff
    rito plox

  18. So basically what youre saying is, Rakan OP, will be nerfed

  19. 5:16 they utilized tahm kench’s devour to constantly save their ashe

  20. Disgustingggg!!!

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