The 90s Are Back! Games Blamed For Gun Violence

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Apparently it’s videogames that are to blame for mass shootings… again.

The 90s never left us. As the school shootings pile up, politicians – including that orange one who is a politician by default – have decided to shift blame away from guns to games.

Because that makes sense.

Source articles: https://.com/gaming/2018/02/-trump-we-have-to-do-something-about-violent-video-games-movies/


  1. Well. Color me unsurprised.

  2. That UK comparison was on point.

  3. America be like: “Oops, I did it again!”

  4. My god, It’s like the political witch hunts of the 90’s all over again!

    90’s: Kid: DUUUUUUUDE, The 90’s Are AWESOME! I’m gonna watch ‘G.I. Joe EXTREME’, and then Play ‘Call Of Duty’! Wait, ‘G.I. Joe Extreme’ has been canceled, and replaced by ‘Jerry Springer’? I’M GONNA GO ON A SHOOTING SPREEEEEE!

  5. I kinda of love the excuse they had of “Why should we take away guns? If people really wanted, they could go to the black market and buy them anyway”. If it’s so easy to find and buy stuff from the black market even for a random mentally melted kid, then WHY ISN’T THE GOVERNMENT DOING ANYTHING TO FIND AND STOP SAID BLACK MARKET? If a kid can find them, so you should be able to. Oh boy, these contradictions

  6. When America can’t handle the truth that their own gun laws are getting people killed (BLAMES VIDEO GAMES)

  7. You know what’s really interesting? I just read an article about a fellow Canadian. He said he was actively planning a school shooting when he was a troubled teen. You know why he didn’t do it? Because he couldn’t get the guns he needed to do it. Then, after leaving high school and he outgrew the troubles that were pushing him to violence, he became a fundamentally better person.

    Sounds like the fact we have much tighter gun laws up here is the reason he didn’t kill anybody, no?

  8. In regards to the Rhode Island bullshit, he wants to tax EVERYONE in an attempt to dissuade MINORS from buying/playing MATURE rated games? Games that are rated M should not be sold to minors in the first place cause of the ESRB bullshit, but gamestop and co approve the sale cause they want the money(and don’t really give a shit about ESRB). This is just greed and control on this douches part.

    AND considering most video game sales are digital ANYWAY nowadays the piggy bank this guy wants to break into is already well pasted its prime. So not only is this ploy greed for its own sake, but its also out of date. But some free money is better than none I guess-the fucker.

  9. This bullshit never went away.. the retards have changed but the argument hasn’t..
    From Jack Thompson to Hillary Clinton to Anita Sarkeesian to Donald Trump..
    This bullshit argument about video games causing violence has been debunked time and time again by expert after expert after expert and still these braindead fucktards continue to beat the imaginary meat sludge that used to be an imaginary dead horse..

    For as long as video games have existed.. there has always been some sociopathic, child rapist looking cuntstain trying to slander people for enjoying them… and it’s not becuase they actually believe their bullshit.. it’s because they hate what gaming is.. they hate how many people love it.. and they hate how much money goes into it and that they aren’t getting a cut of it.

  10. I just think it’s sad that people are using a shooting as an excuse to blame a scapegoat rather than actually try to find a way to actually fix a problem. “School shooting? What can we blame… video games!!”

  11. a country with a loose sense of ethics and easy access to weapons of curse is videogames fault

  12. Whenever I hear news about America nowadays, all I can do is tap my head like Obelix and go “These Americans are Crazy…”

  13. “Let’s not mind the fact that video games are sold worldwide, but these mass shootings keep happening in one specific country”. You honestly could have stopped there. There is literally no counter-argument to this.

  14. So by the logic of these people, after playing Gunman Taco Truck (After being introduced to it by Jim Sterling, thank God for him ?), I’m going to get a taco truck, put a huge gun on the roof, and then drive around shooting anything that I see? Nope. Ain’t going to happen. 1. I don’t have a truck. 2. I can’t drive. 3. I don’t own any guns. And 4. I don’t want to go around shooting and killing people.

  15. at least the right and the left agree on something for once.. those horrible violent video games!!

    not too long now until we see matriarchy marry the patriarchy and Anita will be visiting Trump at the White House for tea and cakes

    at least the big publishers must be happy, finally bad news that isn’t lite gambling lootboxes, better yet all the possible legislation against them might just get lost in all the talk of violent games..

  16. America should give all American teachers tanks.

  17. “Games are bad! They make you mad!”

  18. The All in one gamer

    Gun violence is worldwide and so are video games…coincidence I THINK NOT!!!

    This is obviously a joke.

  19. i think blanket-blaming guns is just as unproductive as blanket-blaming entertainment. while there are examples of reduction in guns leading to reduction in gun violence, countries that are not america but have a shitton of guns in them dont have very many school shootings at all. this is clearly a cultural problem unique to america. taking guns away wont fix it

  20. The solution is simple Jim: if someone wants to buy a gun, instead they should need to buy a “gun box” that has four randomly selected things in it, typically bumper stickers or pez dispensers, but rarely the buyer will get 10 “gun bux,” and for only 10,000 “gun bux” the buyer can then enter a raffle for one “gun tix”. 10 “gun tix” will get you a gun of your choice.

    I’m just trying to offer gun enthusiasts “buyer’s choice” here, ok?

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