Surviving The Homer Apocalypse! (Left 4 Dead 2 Funny Moments and Mods)

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Friends in Video:

Wildcat – @wildcat
Terroriser – @Terroriser
BasicallyIDoWrk – @BasicallyIDoWrk

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  1. @kaiunterajter6945

    Please play back 4 blood bro. Long time no see

  2. Kyle Lingus

  3. Of course Flanders was murdered first.

  4. @absolutemystery372

    no more censorship please

  5. A left 4 dead 2 video on april fools am i being fooled?

  6. LENNY!!!!

  7. @crosshairimperial4540

    Simpsons hit & run but in lfd2

  8. This brings MUCH and MUCH of my child hood.

  9. I fucking love left for dead 2 videos. Such an old game but its still so much fun

  10. Bro it’s 2024 and left 4 dead 2 is still getting ruined by mods 😂😂😂

  11. Glad to see the crew is back for l4d2

  12. I was not ready for Tank Homer.

  13. Im so happy that this is back

  14. I got paid today bitches 😃

  15. Vanoss is like, actually really good at this game!

  16. @spacemanYoutuber


  17. now play the game on Spite mutation.

    its a modded mutation on the workshop.

  18. @gentlecrimson1016

    hes coming back from coppa WITH THIS ERA

  19. @jensonbarnes6478

    if you shoot me ill spread my insides and start a fire 🔥

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