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reuploaded because of copyright issue


  1. I’m yellow and since our races haven’t done anything shit to BLACK (GOD) RACES, would it be OK if I said NIGGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!??????

  2. Is it ironic he said he will end up in this list at some point

  3. Can someone explain to me the last video she is talking to whom

  4. I know a guy who mods gta5 accounts for all consoles ps4 ps3 xbox one and xbox 360

    Rank and money of your choice

    His kik:DragonModz123

  5. “ill be on this list, im bound to slip up” u jinxed yaself

  6. Like the one he had the other day he said the n-word but it’s alright I don’t care I’m black

  7. It’s about time shit hit the fan for you and your scummy clickbait.

  8. ironic to talk about fails on stream and he said n word which idfc

  9. I’m going to screw up eventually.

  10. *The irony is strong with this one*

  11. Okay, but is no one gonna comment about bro starting a fire and WALKING AWAY HAHAHAHAGAGAA

  12. You only have 5 seconds to stay alive!! ????


  14. “I’m bound to end up on this list”


  15. Little does he know…

  16. Probably a guitar? Who is that

  17. Ha well i guess he can be put on now

  18. all the videos on this video was from the list of ‘Top 5 Central’ ‘s video…..

  19. Well pewdiepie is in the Stream Fails himself

  20. Which part of video shows him putting on a KKK Uniform on accident

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