Ready or Not – What Nogla Does Will Shock You!

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  1. Cool calm and collected.

  2. Vanoss is soo bad at this type games

  3. You should play Ghost Watchers

  4. *kicks door with injured leg*

  5. Did you know there are a lot of vanoss gaming impersonators?

  6. legion has made these videos 10x better i gotta be honest

  7. i love it how youtube decided not to put any ads on the video. very nice that i don’t have to skip ads while watching, lol.

  8. Loved this entire video

  9. We got a good peak at Craig’s house in this one!

  10. play dead realm again

  11. Belle 🍆 2 y.0 -check My V!deo

    I’mma be honest, Evan. Literally everything Nogla does shocks me somehow some way.

  12. now get a 5th member since this game allows up to 5 people and invite Seananners on your team. nothing could possibly go wrong

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