RACIST GET’S DESTROYED – Texas Chainsaw Massacre


Friends in the Video:

#H2ODelirious #Delirious


  1. I love the placement of that apostrophe in the title.

  2. Now All we need is nogla to say you racist bitch 😂

  3. This was wholesome thank you all! Accept the racist. F that guy.

  4. Imagine in COD
    I dont see the problem

  5. I mean the vanos squad can’t really say much when it comes to racism

  6. best fucking intro

  7. Official P.M.Dawn/Doc.G Channel

    Well That’s one way to knockout Racism!!!😂😂😂😂😂

  8. The family is like, “Hey, we may be psycho hillbillies but don’t peg us as racist!”

  9. As a person who has to deal with racism on the daily, this brings a smile to my face

  10. that was beautiful 🙂 hahahahahaha

  11. Hey delirious can you play some more telltale games?

  12. question what about other Black Dudes or someone like me a Filipino can do Racist Slur for fun are you guys still kick us….we always do N-Word even i called White Dudes as Snow N-gger…..or its just White Dudes are going on Racist are only ones to kick out?

    just asking if ever we going play with you guys

  13. I need to see you and Liz play tcm together🔥🔥🔥🗣🗣🗣

  14. this is peak gaming

  15. epic video

  16. Best guy here to watch

  17. The oh no… from Bryce is so funny

  18. After kiling the racist guy the killer let them all escape such a great game,keep it up Delirious

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