Projectile Ultimates glitch through Gibraltar

There we go


  1. what the hell

  2. Snowball noooooooooooooooo!

  3. Well I guess it makes a little sense but still, this is even better at eating ults than

  4. Neo Genesis Gaming

    The fuck!? I knew it! This happened to me the other day and my friends kept telling me a ate it, I knew I wasn’t seeing things! -_-

  5. Biggest robbery in the history of Overwatch

  6. Working as intended.

  7. “please fix”
    please dont

  8. No leave it there.

  9. Use a Sombra translocater on it.

  10. ilovecodemonkeys

    This is the type of stuff that nobody would notice until thousands of hours went into the game and by chance this happens and someone points it out

    Great work Rady

  11. Thats a feature not a glitch

  12. honestly hilarious to see it just, fall

  13. I bet it’s a feature not a glitch. Why else not just make the hit box a simple flat plane?

  14. “don’t aim for that” – Blizzard

  15. That’s actually an amazing feature… It like… lands in between the pipes and falls down i think that’s great actually.

  16. It’s like coated with butter??? Tf

  17. M a d e I n H e a v e n

    Nice discovery but someone plays just a bit too much

  18. sombras translocator?

  19. That was amazing. Keep on making videos.

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