Project Resistance Teaser

A brand-new team-based survival horror experience is coming. #ProjectResistance


  1. Evil By Daylight: featuring B.O.W.’s from the Resident Evil Series

  2. I hope that it isn’t just an horde game or a match. We have already plenty of mercenaries modes, but my hopes are very low

  3. The new Scooby Doo game looks dope!

  4. After the last 2 co-op/multiplayer games that weren’t well received, they’d do well to make it something closer to the original Outbreak games

    • 7elinan Say what you want about RE5/RE6 but those are still the best selling RE games of the franchise.

    • The problem Outbreak had is that it was made for ps2 online and that wasnt very popular back then, if those where made for the ps3, probably they would have done much better.

    • @Necro Mancy I always contributed RE6’s financial success to 4 and 5 being very good games and the RE movies still being hot back then. RE6 was also one of the last few zombie games during THAT big wave as well.

    • GGONZ4L I primarily played it on PS3, so those were the people that stuck with it. PS2 users dropped it.

    • Outbreak was shit. I’ve been with the series since day 1 but I stand by the fact that survivor was better than outbreak.

  5. hopefully this will be their attempt at a Resident Evil Outbreak: File 3

  6. It’s Aya Brea, Velma Dinkley, Zac Efron and SonicFox

  7. Please be more akin to Outbreak than ORC or Umbrella Corps…

  8. We can hop in a multiplayer session as Mr. X and chase the 4 players and kill them.

  9. Resident Evil Outbreak: Am I a joke to you?

  10. 1:20
    “mom said its my turn to use the xbox”

  11. Blonde girl(us): RE REMAKE 3 or RE8
    Licker(Capcom): 0:53-0:55

  12. god i hope this is like Outbreak 3 and not some left for dead clone

  13. A new Resident Evil Outbreak file #3 pleaseee ?❤

  14. Jellal Fernandesジェラール・フェルナンデス


  15. What is this?

    Barry Burton, 1998

  16. Resident Evil 8: Co-Opocalypse

  17. Me: Awwww shit, it’s him again.
    Theme Song: *DMX – X Gon Give It To Ya plays*

  18. Pumps shotgun two times* Hand the gun over to a pro zac efron

  19. Watching this has kinda put me in the mood for a Jill Sammich.

  20. what a waste of money. We could have gotten RE8 or Remake 3.

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