PAYDAY: The Animated Series

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: The Animated Series is out now on VHS and Betamax!

Finally kids and adults alike around the globe can start their criminal career as professional heisters!

Join , , and Hoxton as they go on radical adventures and have a supertastic time every saturday morning!

Learn more about the show at


  1. You got harry partridge to animate this…I actually love this

  2. I’d pay for 4 copies + 1 copy at full price to watch this show.

  3. Is this where Simon used the community’s “PAYDAY” voice submissions?

  4. Oliver Göransson

    “especially not in Denmark” That’s how you know the devs are true swedes.

  5. Did Harry Partridge animate this?

  6. My cousin died from injesting Payday The animated series

  7. Let’s cross our fingers and pray that this will be like the h3h3 joke. It becomes a real thing.

  8. So say 1 copy is $15 hypothetically. The last offer is $60 ironically the typical price of a new release game.

  9. Soo, can we get this turned into a real thing like last years april fools joke?

  10. I legitimately want this now, is that bad?

  11. This song HAS THE BE IN GAME

  12. This is the best thing I’ve seen in a while

  13. The cruelest form of April Fool’s joke is showing off something that is really cool, but then saying it’s just an April Fool’s joke……


  15. T H E

    I C E

    C R E A M

    G O

    G E T

    I T

  16. Humor? There is no humor without dallas screaming “AAAAAAAHHH, I NEED A MEDIC BAG”

  17. woah this really is a cartoon, wolf spoke

  18. Me: What the fu-
    *realises it’s April Fools*
    Oh yeah, never mind.

  19. Don’t buy it most of the episodes are them just resetting the drill 500 times for 20 minutes

  20. “A Netflix Original Series”

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