Patch 255: Electrophorus, Microraptor, Ammonite, Thylacoleo, & Tek Structures!

Patch 255 is another tech-focused patch introducing brand new TEK structures for Survivors to enhance their building experience, a new head and facial hair style, 30 explorer notes, plus four new creatures to discover, tame, and train as you explore the .

To find out all the information on what this patch brings to ARK, check out our announcement on the Community Hub!

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  1. Video starts at 00:00

  2. Wish I could get mine to run that good..

  3. RoboTranic The hated

    well everyone without tek is fucked

  4. Here i’m sitting waiting for Primal Survival!

  5. Damn my base in the red woods that’s gonna be a problem ?

  6. this game is getting better & better

  7. The beginning made me laugh so hard! XD

  8. Kane Hart - Let's Plays

    Looking Forward to the patch and recording my Let’s Play Series for it 🙂 Thanks!

  9. This is great, but will you people please add support for multiple saves. And for the love of God, PLEASE add a flee command so weaker tames will be able to run instead of fighting or just sitting there and dying.

  10. Why all this hate? Ark is just getting more in the future, in real life it’s gone the same way, it’s a nice update again I think. Nice job ARK!?????

  11. 1:14 its the prototype of the american-mexican wall.

  12. Any news on ark primal survival?

  13. Halo: Survival Evolved

  14. I’ve got an Idea!
    IT would be nice when there are NPC Villages in the Singleplayer Mode.Like easy Bases and Hard bases which Can be Attacked.


  16. Yay more things that won’t help noobs or fresh spawns at all and make almost evry alpha unraidable

    Jesus Christ I thought it was hard living inland with the purlovia and all the others but no I guess not but I like the new tek door and buildings

    Like this if you think they should add more decorations
    Like table lamps and triangle foundation also a sloped corner roof

  17. So no primal?

  18. am i the only one who thinks its little funny guys being in force field base and in power armors but still using wooden pipe with crappy lens as binoculars xD

  19. “ark is dead”
    no it isnt. there is a big difference.
    games like minecraft or strike vector are dead. people still play it but it’s the community that really keeps it “going”. with ARK, its not the community, its the devs that bring good updates and keep it alive.

    “tek tier will ruin ark”
    doesnt every game need some sort of end-game material? some game-ending machine, unit or armour? look at grey goo. the “epics” are game-enders. incredibly tough, but beatable. tek does seem a bit overpowered but in my opinion, i don’t really care. it should be.

    “optimise the game you ****s”
    they wont. they still have things to add, before they re-write the code. if they make the code more efficient now, they will have to do so for every future update that adds features, creatures etc. which is a tremendous amount of work. i dislike this as much as the next guy, but it’s for the best.

  20. The new Dinos are very cool, but I don’t like TEK

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