NINTENDO SWITCH OH MAH GAWD HYPE! – Nintendo Makes A Transformer

Have some cynically motivated reactions to ’s big – The .


  1. Nintendo NX > Nintendo Switch.

  2. Gotta say, actually pretty stoked for this. Never bought the WiiU, but this
    looks very interesting especially considering the local multiplayer
    angle–just hope it has direct connect capability. I’m just hoping there’s
    some way to play Smash on it lel

    ..Also how often do people go to a basketball court and then sit down to
    play madden like HONESTLY.

  3. Hi jim
    Face reveal when?

  4. I personally think it looks awful, but to each their own I guess.

  5. but is it more than meets the eye?

  6. portable skyrim is enough reason for me to get one…
    is what i would say if i had a job.

  7. Interesting that they show the guy playing skyrim. Hopefully Nintendo will
    do better with 3rd party support

  8. if it does not do netflix AND youtube as good as my tablet I do not see why
    it needs to be that portable

  9. It will be a complete failure just like the WiiU.

  10. Mudersnucking new Spla2n sold it to me.

  11. My thoughts were pretty much “Why would I want to do any of those things”.
    Not hating..but this all seems like stuff that I would use a DS for mostly.
    Or is this suppose to replace the 3DS?

  12. THIS is what consoles should be. They should allow for unique, interesting
    experiences that can’t be provided by a PC. They shouldn’t even *be
    comparable* to PCs, in fact.

  13. Does the stadium come with the console?

  14. This is basically what the Wii U should’ve been; same concept, but with
    better hardware and an actually portable gamepad (and also possibly more
    than one per console). Looks great, probably gonna get it, but the
    detachable controller gimmick looks retarded and no one will use it.

  15. Mummy I want the Nintendo Switch
    But you already have an iPad

  16. Everyone seems to have glossed over the biggest thing here: From Software
    was listed as one of the partners with the Switch.

    We’re getting portable Dark Souls. Portable. Fucking. Dark Souls.

  17. how many more months before this comes out? isn’t than six? Because I went
    from not caring to hyped. I haven’t cared about a Nintendo system in years
    until now.

  18. DS -> DS Lite, Switch -> Light Switch, Nintendo made a terrible tactical
    mistake, people already have Light Switches at home.

  19. So is the primary form of game storage cartridges??

  20. Skyrim I can play on the go? Take my money

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