Nintendo Fans Love To Troll Themselves (The Jimquisition)

Nintendo are prone to becoming upset very quickly, and I believe it my impartial duty to say that their distress is entirely their fault.

An industry fueled by perpetual hype is a problem in and of itself, but some fanatics need very little prompting to set themselves for major disappointment. In fact, some of them need literally nothing.

So, while we take a brief break from all the abject horrors of the game industry, let’s poke fun at Nintendo fans, and fanaticism overall, because it will be fun.


  1. I got hyped at the thought of Jim Sterling writing a book about the dangers of hype! DANM YOU IRONY!!!

  2. Maskaradong pogi

    Jim sterling FOR SMASH!! or I’ll riot like a Nintendo fan at prom night.

  3. I would consider myself a fairly big Nintendo fan, and maybe its just my age, but i didn’t fall into a rage over not getting a bigger more varied Direct. I knew the instance they said it was a ‘partnership showcase’ and that’d be 10 minutes long and updates on previously announced games. To notch my expectations down to nada.

    Great news for SMT fans, i am – however – not one. don’t see the need to sh*t on their parade.
    I still very much hope to hear from Nintendo on what they got in store for the second half of the year first party-wise. Got plenty on the backlog on Nintendo (and PlayStation) to still play in the meantime.
    And i mean you can sh*t on Zelda, or whatever, if your dedicated to just hating on them I’ll just find another channel to watch (which your not). In the end i know what i like/love. Your opinion is your own.

  4. wolfie metslagroom

    “Ubisoft spend decades covering up their abuse”
    That shit went by m so fast i almost missed it.

  5. No “one more thing” at the end of your video ? Worst Jimquisition ever. All this hype for nothing

  6. “Mouse and keyboard is for casuals” – some men just want to see the world burn, lol.

  7. Brand loyalty is stupid and childish. I own a ps4, a switch, a pc and also used to have an xbox 360 and a gamecube, love(d) them all dearly.

  8. Chris Van Antwerp

    Don’t forget weeks of “news” that “there might be a Nintendo Direct soon.”

  9. Nintendo fan here: The only thing in the whole video that actually bother me was around 7:19 when Jim started referring to the Alligators as Sharks… Seriously, what the hell was that?!

  10. Gamers are expecting way too much out of these reveal/update conferences and it’s a problem that’s getting worse. They hype themselves up on social media for months wildly speculating to the point of absurdity. Of course people are going to be let down.

  11. “Status Quo Warriors”? Gonna use that one.

  12. the person who made that twitter account is one amazingly patient master troll

  13. Nintendo rabid fans spent years bitching about the lack of third party interest on their consoles, and now they bitch about Directs having third party games. You can’t win!

  14. Not just Nintendo Fans. It goes for every fan base behind things. The most elite and dedicated will die for it.

  15. Oh and if people STILL want to talk about ethics, how about addressing the worms who send death threats over bad scores?

  16. Youtubers are partly to blame for this by hyping up all the rumours that come out, except you Jim

  17. JimJensonisdepressed andschizophrenic

    I was about to be disappointed that Jim, never mentioned that Ubisoft covers for Rapists. But unlike the real world Jim doesn’t disappoint.

  18. Nintendo: “One more whiny fanbase rejected”

  19. “Episode contains a jumpscare”
    **Intro starts loudly with no pause**
    “Holy shit, it got me!”

  20. Devasta The Seeker

    Smt3 remaster me: “oh hell yeah i never got to play that”
    Nintendo fans: wtf this is a nothing direct, dislike

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