Nerf Lucio

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TOO BUFF! FASTER than Genji, & blasts green dinner plates, you will never need to worry about an enemy healer again. Thanks Blizzard for giving Lucio a jet-engine. Enjoy this montage, it’s all 4 you.

I’m riding this patch all the way to Master bois.

Songs – Gas Gas Gas – Manuel

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  1. TachankyKang The god

    gotta go fast

  2. You know what DK stands for?

  3. Lord have mercy on those poor soul lol

  4. but.. your still plat … lmao

  5. High quality shit

  6. How to hell are you only Platinum?

  7. 5:16 that just cant be allowed…

  8. Omg this guy is amazing! How does he not have more subs???

  9. Why tf does yt show u have 3k subs? it must be glitched cause this is some high quality shit ?

  10. honestly m8, ur vids r so funny it’s stupid how you don’t have 100k subs. Your content is actually better than mcreamy because you have ze memes and insane moments but mcreamy is now just a compilation channel. Gr8 job

  11. How the fuck did he get ult in spawn ???

  12. under 10k subs activate. +1

  13. Dude at 0:33 got initial D’d!

  14. When your stuck in silver because you cant heal as lucio

  15. I’ll watch an anime called “Boku” if i want to, m8

  16. Overwatch Moments - SparkTV

    Well, time to main dps lucio, lose 200 rank and remember that i suck with lucio :^(

  17. God tier editing and music choices my dude

  18. youve earned yourself a sub, boi

  19. #InTheUnder10000Club

  20. Saw this on Reddit. You’re a good Lucio main so I’mm subscribing.

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