Need Some Help

hello, it’s gonna be a busy month


  1. Please tell me is the FNAF movie jahjahaj

  2. @markiplier

    One game thats so resdily available that you already own it
    theres now a (free) dlc called kayce’s mod thats basically a roguelike version of the first chapter where you have to complete challanges
    Personally id love to see you play this ^^
    Your videos got me to buy it and i liked it to much i went trough the incredible but enjoyable struggle of getting it to 100%

  3. Good luck mark hope you have fun with your movie


  5. Why don’t you make a couple spoof videos Where wade, Bob, lexian or people we hated sean that works behind The scenes pretending to be you Wearing the pink mustache while they play games that you already played or some new games or them just doing what they do editing with raw content that you just Recorded So we can see step by step beginning to end on what they do to make the videos that we know and love so you just have to read just 1 video and make several out of it hopefully this helps in some way

  6. idk where else to put this suggestion so you should play budget cuts vr It’s kinda long but you can break it into a lot of different videos

  7. I would love for you to replay :the game:

  8. Game suggestion: the new backrooms game called “the backrooms: lost tape”!

  9. Shotgun farmers, stick fight, Risk, golf,

  10. try not to laughs as well.

  11. Can’t wait!

  12. One hour, one life? Stardew valley? Hollow knight?

  13. For Game recommendations, you could definitely play Tormented Souls.

    It’s an Indie Game that orientates itself on the old Resident Evil games and has a lot of fun puzzles that you would definitely like.

  14. 𝓜𝔂𝓼𝓽𝓲𝓬𝓸𝓵𝓮

    I have some good FNAF fangames he re is the list 1.fnaf 87 2.fredbear archives.3 bandys barnyard 4. Fnafworld redacted 5. Pork chops 5. Pollard dread VR. That’s what I have for you

  15. …….. movie?

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