Monkey Island theme played on marimba

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The main theme from arranged for marimba. Hope you will enjoy!

composer: Michael Land
arrangement: Love Meyerson


  1. Such nostalgia! Great arrangement and playing, please do more Monkey Island
    music! :D

  2. boy jenus neutronoid

    That looks like a mustache that’s had a few coats of semen.

  3. Great stuff! Clicked your brother’s/sister’s link on reddit out of
    curiosity, and was very pleasantly surprised to hear that it was the Monkey
    Island theme :D

  4. More please.

  5. Please continue to make more of this.

  6. this is too good

  7. Amazing! More, please!

  8. now i want donkey kong 64

  9. Arfphandal Forfal Forphan

    Nice! very relaxing !

  10. That’s “let your phone ring just long enough before going to voicemail”

  11. Awesome! How about some Grim Fandango music too?

  12. when is Disney going to make a monkey island move now that they own it.

  13. wtch oot! le rddit armi have arivved!!1!11

  14. Embla Notits McGee

    Jesus I had compleatly forgotten how much I love this song. Fucking great

  15. what kind of headphones are you using in the video?

  16. nice mustaches ?

  17. Do a collab with RichaadEB. No idea how a marimba would work in his
    arrangements but he’s pulled in some other unexpected stuff before.

  18. You fight like a dairy farmer!

  19. Came for the music. Stayed for the ‘stache.

  20. MORE. I NEED MORE. I DEMAND MORE. more pls

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