Minecraft Prop Hunt – Becoming Bin Boys in cs_office!

Friends in Video:

Please Ignore or spam, negative, or hateful comments. We're here to have a good time. Thanks everyone, and enjoy :]


  1. day 2689 of waiting for pure cocaine

  2. dang, Moo’s kid is good at puns.

  3. Gmod now mincraft

  4. This seems like it’s a hilarious gaming session

  5. I was laughing so much xD

  6. From bing boys to bin boys

  7. this has been kind of bothering me but, can they not see you holding items or are they just blind but great content

  8. Moo be too tryhard

  9. That title hit the algorithm haha

  10. Alexander Elderhorst

    Wait he payed for gold class and got bumped down? Either they have to refund him or he can sue them for scamming him. If he has the receipt then he can sue.

  11. Good to see Marcel (hopefully) having fun with the lads again.

  12. what happened to noglas skin??

  13. Old school Xbox headsets have you thinking your crazy because they would pick up radio or delayed chat.

  14. When nogla yawned

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