MGSV Secret Theater – Quiet Hills


  1. 2:24 is this how norman reedus actually met kojima ?

  2. A weapon to kill my boner…

  3. Lucas Alonso Esgaravati (Ghosthand)

    We never gonna have a new silenth hill.

  4. Not even a week since the release of the PT models…
    You work fast.

  5. This only makes PT more terrifying.

  6. What did I just watch?

  7. Time for some Bleach.

  8. Norman Reedus and the Funky Fetus is looking great!

  9. STRANDING…on the EDGE!

  10. This is good, isn’t it?

  11. How’d you get the models?

  12. The scary thing is this makes more sense than everything we’ve seen from
    Death Stranding so far.

  13. I lost it at the fetus birds flying overhead at 1:50

  14. Should I know what the fuck I just watched?

  15. I have the strangest boner right now

  16. solidoserpientesnake

    Hi, one model of norman reedus of the death stranding?

  17. On the next episode of AMC’s The Walking Dead.

  18. is this for the new konami’s pachinko ?

  19. She doesn’t take off her boots….she takes off her fetuses. XD

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