MEET GOOB! The cutest creature ever!!!

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  1. 7:14 I Die With Style!

  2. What the name game?

  3. greatness tits at the top of greatness moutain

  4. JoshTubeYT - TLH, TC, TRLL, SS, HD, TTG, GB & More

    This is the cutest creatures ever!!! 😍

  5. 5:47 omg 😮 delirious u should know what gulla gulla island is! We were born in the years everyone watched it growing up 😂😂😂😂

  6. This monsters looks like skylanders

  7. Tactical Newt

  8. Are you gonna play starfield


  10. you should play more fortnite delirious. thats if you have or can find time to sense your really busy making other videos. I have watched all of your 3k ish videos you have made XD. so ima big fan. YOU and cartoonz are my fav youtubers in the whole world. Sadly im about to go into college so i wont be able to watch alot of your vids. BUT once im out i’ll find time to watch more vids AND BUY MERCH!!! I will ALSO become a real worrier in the DELIRIOUS ARMY and the other ones. (:D)

  11. also thx for making the vid longer. Love watching more long videos you make

  12. Hey delirious! When Spider-Man 2 comes out, could you please play it?

  13. Isaac newton?

  14. The newyt should be named Isaac Newyton😂😂

  15. AIM FiremanOutdoors

    Duke newton

  16. That wasn’t goob, that was newt. Goob is green and newt is the blue one.

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