Marvel’s Anthem (The Jimquisition)

Marvel’s Avengers has only been out for a matter of weeks and ’s already going the way of Battleborn, or Evolve, or , or indeed any other failed “live” game.

The comparisons to Anthem are most apt – a cynically motivated loot-based “AAA” disaster with an embarrassing dip in player numbers soon after launch. It turns out not even the Marvel name can keep players attached to a sinking ship.

Can we finally admit the “live service” gold rush has been like every gold rush? Can we just admit that the few success stories do not outweigh the mountain of failure surrounding them?


  1. “You can’t have a live service is the player base is dead.” Kind of like how you can’t have an economy if the all the “essential” workers can’t work or are dead. But these are corporations, this is the video game industry, and here we are.

  2. Actually Sad Roger is the most relatable character I’ve ever seen, a lonely nerd staring blankly at coming oblivion . . . It was like looking in a mirror.

  3. Hey, leave Captain Verizon alone!

    Unlike Captain America he isn’t a patriot of just one place in the world. He is always roaming.

  4. Clown Town Calamity

    Sad Roger paid for a Marvel game and now he’s looking back upon his entire life wondering how it came to this.

  5. originalscreenname44

    “You can’t just decide that your game will be beloved.”

    I love how shit like this always comes back to other things Jim has talked about, like how the cycle of hype is ruining the industry. Every time we get the same exact strategies from the AAA game industry. It’s as if they have negative creativity.

  6. So here’s a quote for the gaming industry:

    *”Many games can be KNOWN, but few are REMEMBERED.”*

  7. This is straight from the official website:
    “Hello Marvel’s Avengers community!       
    Patch V1.3.0 is our first major patch since launch and addresses *over 1000 issues you’ve helped surface these past two weeks,* ranging from *several progression stoppers* to small graphical fixes.”
    Yeah, thats a TERRIBLE way to start a game.

  8. “This proves people do not want a single player narratively driven experience and only want multiplayer pewpew games” said by some developer missing the point.

  9. Disney’s Anthem Avengers Featuring Captain Marvel 2’s Division 76

  10. I always thought this game was basically “Anthem with Marvel characters,” so this’s pretty much the perfect title lol.

  11. The highest grossing movie of all time, and then making a game having less than 1000 players on Steam. That takes some skill to achieve.

  12. Sad Roger looks like he pre-ordered Marvel’s Avengers

  13. How ironic that so called “live” service games seem to die the quickest

  14. “You can’t just decide your game is beloved.” Kinda reminds me back when companies decided their characters were iconic…around the first game they were in.

  15. The Therapist Gamer

    It’s so annoying when games and movies end on a cliffhanger where the story can only be resolved in a sequel – it’s just assumed the game will be so good that there will be demand for a sequel. No, WE’LL tell YOU if the game is good enough for a sequel. A live service game is like planning 10 sequels without ever releasing the initial game, and then just crossing your fingers that the first game will warrant 10 sequels.

  16. Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite had a longer life cycle than Marvel’s Avengers.

  17. Always happy to see Live-service garbage like this fail. Publishers and Develepors need to learn their lesson the hard way.

    I wish more people voted with their wallets, didn’t pre-order and didn’t support microtransactions.

  18. What they say: “You’ll be able to play this game for years to come!”
    What I hear: “You’ll be able to keep making purchases via the in-game online shop for years to come!”

  19. Age of Empires 2 is 21 years old, has an active player base and single handedly managed to make AoE4 a thing. It’s secret? Be good.

  20. Sad Roger is sad that he doesn’t have anyone to play Marvel’s Avengers with. He just got those sick verizon skins and now no one will see them.
    Poor Sad Roger.

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