Logic – Super Mario World (Official Video)

Watch the official video for “ World” off the Bobby Tarantino mixtape.

Get Bobby Tarantino on iTunes now: https://geo.itunes.apple.com/us/album/bobby-tarantino/id1129380389?at=1l3vsrm&mt=1&app=music

Directed by Justin Fleischer
Shot by Justin Fleischer, Nick Mahar, Mike Holland, Alec Schweitzer
Edited by Justin Fleischer
Color Grading by Mike Holland

Special thanks to historic ship MARY A. WHALEN, home of PortSide NewYork
with dancing staff from PortSide and apprentices from District Council 9 trainee program


  1. Hell Yeah

  2. Consistently Random

    Why do people dab? I mean, its just some stupid trendy thing like the
    “holding the roof up” thing that was big in 1999. Its stupid. You just look
    like a tool.

  3. logic with glasses kinda looks like idubbbz with shorter hair

  4. Incoming “Only real Logic fans…” comments. oh shit im too late

  5. That’s music?

  6. Ya Mother's Favorite


  7. Dancing like drake

  8. FUCK LOGIC, there i said it

  9. Mauricio Orellana-Salguero

    Tf is their so much hate on this song? People do realize it’s a mixtape

  10. Omg you we see like a second of PatrickStarrr in the beginning!

  11. rich kids of the suburbs trying to act hard lol

  12. School project my ass hahaha

  13. I used to support Logic but he hasn’t made anything good since the under
    pressure album. and this is coming from a former logic fan. TITS (lol i
    know) had like 2 good songs

  14. that mario nigga is probably hitler

  15. Abdulrahman Baqais

    C’mon post it in his Vevo channel

  16. He’s gotten really rich since I first knew about him from what I can see.

  17. This is the shittiest..! #terriblemusic2016

  18. Roof top Villains


  19. Clocking in at 500k #RattPack

  20. This is why i shoot schools …
    with the camera.

  21. Tanner Tortorella

    I don’t people realize that this is a joke

  22. for all you fucks saying this shit is cringy or sucks, understand it’ the
    human race rattpack, logic isn’t awful he just represents us, we all
    fucking suck dog dick. music is about the feeling of the human condition
    and i feel like logic represents that rat soul well, with all our 21st
    century videogame, basketball, TV, party rave rapgame bullshit.

  23. Tanner Tortorella

    1k dislikes…….must be from Luigi

  24. I think all of the real RattPack can agree that those who are complaining
    about “this isn’t lyrical” “the hook sucks” “this song is stupid what
    happened to logic” are all new fans who came around from Under Pressure. I
    don’t mind that he’s receiving new fans, but if you’re complaining about a
    song off of a MIXTAPE and saying “where’s the old logic” then I don’t think
    you should be listening to his mix tapes, and also, might I recommend
    listening to “illuminatro” backwards because he EXPLAINS to the FANS that
    this mixtaoe is not to be taking too literal, and to literally “stfu and
    enjoy it” so if you’re gonna complain about a song just bite your tounge
    because ignorance is not needed here

  25. Sounds like a sample of that still here beat by drake

  26. LOGIC IS GREAT. I’m telling u 17 is his year where he just go even more

  27. Chris paul#3 Gurley#30 LA

    Love it or hate they know the name they know the name

  28. Logic Sold Out bruh

  29. noot noot (Lilcarlos)

    this is gonna be like smosh’s pokemon parody

  30. Dab Mario pls 2:16

  31. Here before 1 mill views

  32. Chris paul#3 Gurley#30 LA

    Finally logic is trending

  33. dont worry guys, nintendo lawyers are on their way

  34. this is tuff af??????

  35. I can see leafy making a video on this

  36. disappointingly mediocre

  37. this beat reminds me too much of Still Here from Views

  38. this guy isn’t that cool or good to be just throwing that hook out. cmon
    now. i know all you kids love him but come on. not 1 logic song has
    impressed me yet. each to there own.

  39. Make some more music videos

  40. Same logic flow

  41. When logic breaks marios ankles

  42. a pile of shit

  43. Not his best song


  45. Pretty dope but still expected a little better from logic.

  46. This song! ????????✋????❤️❤️????

  47. white guy trying to rap

  48. He is genius,how do people do a turnt up music with video game

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