LGR – “Doom” on a Calculator! (Ti-83 Plus Gaming)

Ever wanted to play first-person shooters on a calculator ? Well now you can! Or rather, you could for over a decade but I’m just now making a video on how to, ha.

● Links to the sites and resources used:
TI-Connect Software

TI-83+ v1.19 OS upgrade






Super Mario

● Music used in order of appearance:
– E1M1,” “Tuned In 2,” “Not That Serious 1”


  1. As a European with a more modest calculator I’m wondering was cheating in exams rampant with these sort of calculators? Maybe the format of your exams relied less on memorisation.

    Also, but can it run Crysis?

  2. We can always expect some quality content from LGR…..eh no matter how weird it may be.

  3. Algebra Class about to be lit

  4. That Mario game looks like Super Mario Land for the OG Gameboy.

  5. If a machine exists, it can play Doom.

  6. Get fucked Doom 2016!

  7. I don’t think I’ve ever so much as seen a Texas Instruments calculator to be honest.
    But then I’m not American.

    I don’t believe there were any rules about calculators at school (besides, oddly enough that graphing calculators were banned in most math classes. XD), but the vast majority of calculators I’ve ever seen anyone use for non-trivial stuff have all been Casio scientific calculators of various different eras and models.

    Graphing calculators were not something I ran into much. Though I did own an absurdly cheap one for a while that was quite amusing to write dumb little programs for.
    Something on the level of doom would have been impossible given the instruction count limit and restrictive input logic, but I did program some dumb little games on it anyway…

    Yeah… Calculators huh. XD

  8. Duke Nukem for Ti, needs to happen.

  9. That’s really interesting, just kinda pointless anymore. Considering that I can get actual Doom on my phone and all. Strangely Doom on smartphones is really playable, if because of the simplicity of Doom as a game.

  10. That’s one doomed calculator.

  11. This, my friend, is why I failed maths class back in the days.

  12. Can’t wait to play Doom on my washing machine.

  13. Can’t wait to play CS:GO on my gas cooker.

  14. Why hasn’t the FTC done an anti-trust suit on Texas Instruments yet?! Besides the fact that it likely costs them more to build hardware that obsolete than to use current components, the fact that they charge so much plus their collusion with school boards should make this a no brainer.

  15. Perdu 🙁

  16. 8:12
    Reminds me of Vinesauce.

  17. For you folks that are even lazier than I am, skip to 08:21 for Doom gameplay 😉

  18. Sean Wilkey Gameing

    where can I get one of those calculators ??

  19. This is a very interesting channel – I like the fact that vids are short and well presented is awesome.

  20. イクト 愛乞う アレヴァロ

    Your channel looks awesome, I’m subscribing and looking forward for more content! <>w<>/

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