LEATHERFACE MAKES THEM QUIT! – Texas Chainsaw Massacre

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  1. Sissy got my heart forever

  2. Your my favorite delirious ❤

  3. Been loving the content H2O! Hopefully i make it as big as you one day!!❤❤😭😭

  4. I fw these videos need more scary videos

  5. Bruh ur blood is maxed out .. go FEED GRANDPA !

  6. I hope he actually conversates with his fans. Instead of just being like “okay now im leaving,”

  7. “you wanna ‘use’ my phone?” oh sure and “my car broke down” …. yeah right buddy. proceeds to hang on meat hook

  8. That’s a bummer🙃

  9. went you play the walking dead 3 and 4

  10. I love Lawlirious in the beginning. Strong legal argument. 10/10 would call.

  11. i felt your pain delirious at the sonny quitting while you were carrying him. that has happened to me everytime i have tried to do that. the players that quit like that are sad little people. keep up the great work, love your vids dude

  12. It is crazy how i been watching h20 since i was a kid an im 24 now still watching him one of my favorite youtubers

  13. I think that all October long the gang should get together and play dead by daylight, Friday the 13th, and Texas chainsaw massacre and give us extended videos in spirit of Halloween

  14. I watched this on twitch

  15. Love if you are leatherface

  16. Can you be grampa next video of Texas chansaw Massacre

  17. Ok so Bubbalirious wears a mask over his mask?

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