Knack 2 Review – Knackered


  1. Me: This comment thread is gonna be full of angry people or people yelling Dunkey-related things.

    Comments: KNACK 2 BAY-BEEEEEEEE!

  2. But is Knack 2 better than Super Mario Bros 2?

  3. so you won’t be first in line for KNACK 3 then…
    all hail KNACK the only game brave enough to have a character entirely made of trash and balls.

  4. i c e i s n i c e

  5. I got burned out on Knack in the first one. I figured I’d pick the first up so my little cousins would have something to play.

    I never let them play it. I didn’t want to put them through that.

  6. Who will win?

    One Trillion Lions


    The Sun

  7. BUT KNACK 2 IS THE BEST GAME EVER!?!??!?!?!?!?

  8. As we all say…

    Knack is cack

  9. Is it sad I want to see you use all the numbers so I can hear the rating after? Is there a different Jimsona for each of your number cards?

  10. Why did Sony bring back Knack when they should have brought back Jak?

  11. Fuck you Jim I don’t watch you because you’re black.

  12. I don’t understand why they wasted money on this IP.

  13. How dare you give it a 4! Knack 2 is a MASTAH-*PIECE!*

  14. …knack really is visually repulsive. I get that someone had an idea that “OH MAN, WITH ALL THIS PROCESSING POWER WE CAN MAKE CHARACTERS OUT OF CORN” back in the PS3 era, but…christ, the art design on him is just hideous to look at. It doesn’t help that the goblins and enemy robots seem to actually be designed and fluid.

  15. I don’t watch you because you are black

  16. There’s just nothing about this “series” that I find appealing. Knack’s design is just almost-subliminally repulsive, like it’s something a kid drew, and it’s ugly, but you let the kid off the hook because they’re just a kid. Then the human characters are just sub-Dreamworks, sub-Illumination Entertainment, slightly stylized, but not nearly stylized enough. And beneath all that is platforming gameplay from the Original Xbox. WHY DOES THIS GAME EXIST?!

  17. Very disappointed to see no mention of ICE KNACK BAYBEE


  19. In this knack 2 gameplay, knack reminds me of crash bandicoot mixed sonic the werehog from Sonic Unleashed. The 3D stages and combat look like the night stages from Sonic Unleashed and the 2d platform sections plain(?).

  20. Mark Cerney is milking Knack for a trilogy from Sony. Sony wanted a console, Cerney was happy to make it but at a cost of awful, awful games

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