Jeff Kaplan: new hero details and increased player punishments

thanks jeff.

this entire thing was put together in under 24 hours. maybe you can tell. hope you all don’t think the quality has suffered too much. there’s a lot of varied jeff material out there which i hope to use in the next few vids.

still just over week to enter the giveaway.


  1. When are they gonna add Jeff to the game?
    Edit: Because this got likes, Ima gonna ask if you wanna check out my music, I’m a music producer 😛

  2. I want a ‘Kooky Krazy’ Kaplan….. something.


  3. No more Mr Nice Jeff….. HE”S BECOMING MORE POWERFUL OVER TIME!!!!!

  4. “What we’re gonna do is go out and capture those people, and force them to test my new Doomfist cosplay, which basically involves me punching them in the face while screaming “Numbani belongs to me” for about 20 hours a day.”

    *im done*

  5. Possibly the best 4 minutes of my life

  6. oh MY GOD the ending killed me im still dying holy shittt

  7. Alessandro Testi

    “OLD R 15has a lot of amizing abilities,such as *fail miserably,lay in pieces* and *give* *up* *hope* ”
    Wow,just like me!

  8. Why are we still here, just to suffer? Every night I can feel my gold guns… and my victories… even good teammates. The games I’ve lost… The supports I’ve lost… won’t stop hurting. You feel it, too, don’t you? I’m going to make them give back our SR!

  9. “even though we ignore pretty much all of your feedback”


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  11. He fucking posted this on the day Doomfist came out.

  12. Three to the one to the one to the three…

  13. Just got back from the PTR. I love the “Give up hope” and “fail miserably” abilities, really feels like a character I can finally connect to

  14. “And of course we as the development team are gonna be watching, so if for whatever magical reason you are able to do something useful as Roadhog. We’re gonna fix it, right away!” This fucking killed me hahaha

  15. Hey I got a loot box,ima open it!

    “you get nothing”

    every single lootbox i get

  17. Hello you get nothing

    To anyone wondering its at 4:00

  18. “Salty roadhog players”. This shit is so official im out

  19. These clips always make me realize that Jeff looks better with a beard

  20. Đức Anh Lê Nguyễn

    “Give up hope”
    Is that literally all Roadhog player now ?

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