its a boat… | Raft

The boys and I make some more progress and discover a boat.

Happy Outro ►


  1. I miss the outdoors music

  2. man he pulled out the wug

  3. Me: *starts eating a kiwi*
    The zookeeper: 0:16

  4. I could watch these guys for days. 😂

  5. Wade: “we need a sweep net” me: ” sweep net is not shoulder “

  6. I love coming straight from Distractable and seeing a new Raft video. It’s like two for the price of one

  7. I misheard Bob’s name as “AdSpace” rather than “AssFace” and thought “that’s fucking genius!”

  8. I love that each cut between episodes is like The Hangover 😂

  9. Goat sim 3 came out, would be cool if you tried it!

  10. Wade: why am I even here.
    Me: everyone has a annoying crewmate. And you fit that roll so well.

  11. Placer Learning Center

    Hey Mark, I have a fnaf animation far you to watch you won’t believe how much lore it explains!

  12. Placer Learning Center

    Just type up fnaf animation afton movie

  13. oh my… I just hate this game so badly and I cannot help myself to don’t. damnit. sorry mark.. good luck❤

  14. Brandenoid Destroyer

    Mark thinking you plant coconuts like how he thought you plant watermelons instead of seeds🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  15. Marks intros include:
    Scenes Mark asks not to be put in, a blob of a greeting, no greeting, a previous clip from last episode, a random bit from the video, bragging on a game, chaos of everyone saying their intro at once, starting mid-convo on multiplayer, or a once-in-a-blue-moon proper intro.

  16. Do you want me to spam again mark? Or did i make my self clear

  17. Faith chapter 3 came out. Plz play 🙏🙏🙏

  18. I'm 💯 That B@*!%

    PEOPLE. NEED. TO. STOP. SUGGESTING. GAMES. FOR. MARK. TO. PLAY. He KNOWS the games that are out that he wants to play. He has had this rule for years and nobody seems to care to follow it.

  19. mark: try’s to plant whole water melon and coconut with head broth
    wade: sings “who would be me” and “rat bite” and uses wug voice
    bob (assface) : the new wade

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