Infinite Forest: What I’d Like

It's moments before/after New Year 2018 here in Australia now, so I thought I'd kick it off with a video about Destiny 2's Infinite Forest, and a practical demonstration about one of the ways could have been done to make it better!

I wasn't planning on releasing , but figured it would be a waste of if I let it sit unseen.

The video was whipped together pretty quickly, so, sorry for the quality, but I didn't want to spend more time on this than I already had.

I'm not exactly gifted with a silver tongue, so some things might come across not as intended, so let me quickly say: I think all the programmers, developers, visual and sound artists and designers, have all done a phenomenal job; I think the ones calling the have failed to deliver a game.


  1. Great video! – Subscribed! :]

  2. Excellent work

  3. Nice work on those rewards! #twotokensandabkue

  4. awesome video! man that whole deal with CoO… it kinda feels like Bungie does not want to add too much cool stuff, or else they have to keep up with higher standards for themselves and pahh that would be to much work

  5. Strange, it’s almost like the forest is….I N F I N I T E

  6. Bungie needs to hire you and have you redo the whole forest. This is how it should be!

  7. The infinite forest could have so much more. I’m just thinking off the top of my head, but each section could have introduced the same modifiers they have in the nightfall (Prism/Attrition/Mombentum/Torrent) maybe have sections that have Timewarps(Killing Time/Rings/Anomalies/Zero Hour) also, how about some new crazy stuff, like a specific weapon type does more damage, or maybe the controls are reversed (have fun with that), or how about some crazy graphics, where they spin the room and gravity is upside-down (i know this would look the same, but the part where you fall and the room spins, would be cool)

    Plus, how about a platform where there is tanks, or random boss fights on the way to the end. I do love the idea of the forest never ending if you choose, but there still needs to be way more and cooler stuff.

    I watched the video cause i wanted to see what someone else was thinking, but i know that Bungie will either see it and not care, or not even bother with looking at something like this, because they don’t care. Either way, Bungie lost lots of fans, and broke alot of hearts.

  8. This was awesome!

  9. Bungie doesn’t seem to understand basic vocabulary. This is what infinite actually means Bungie…

  10. Bungie should hire you

  11. If bungie followed your ideas I’d be convinced enough to continue buying dlcs

  12. Infinite Forest = Diablo III Greater Rifts, spend tokens to purchase burns and other measure to increase difficulty in a meaningful, game play changing way for increased rewards… like the Division’s Underground for example….

  13. loved the two tokens and a blue reference haha, subbed

  14. 2:15 hahahahahaha

  15. amazing video! Nice constructive criticism, prototype, and inside jokes! It made me laugh and kinda sad for the failures Bungie made.

  16. iAM - tripleWRECK

    Yet another example of the community having a better idea of what Destiny should be than Bungie themselves.

  17. Subscribed due to a good video

  18. Wow impressive and creative. That’d be incredible. You should make games. I’d play ’em!

  19. What holds bungie back?

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