I Went To The Hospital… For My Birthday

Happy Birthday to my eyes.


  1. Shampaine Coleman

    Happy belated birthday Mark! I’m glad to hear you’re okay 🥳

  2. Swedish Game Nerd

    You sure know how to celebrate your birthday! Anyways, happy birthday, good to see you are doing good.

  3. Jaiden Thornton

    happy birthday mark

  4. Are you ok?

  5. Happy Birthday Mark! <3

  6. Happy birthday mark!!

  7. Happy late birthday Markiplier!!

  8. Istg this man needs a fucking house close to the hospital 💀

  9. when you pass away the will prob be a jesus christ rebirth meme lol

  10. I didnt see the whole title, so for me it said “i went to the hospital, for my birth…”😂😂😂

  11. Happy Birthday Mark! I actually have same birthday as you, and I couldn’t be more proud to share it with somebody so positive. I’ve been there to hospital on my birthday, not fun… but at least it wasn’t too serious. *knocks on wood* keep being awesome!

  12. I’m late but happy birthday 🎉🎉🎉!

  13. Happy Birthday Mark we love you! ❤️
    But I gotta say I actually first thought you hit that 420. 😂😅

  14. The best part about my birthday is that I share it with Mark

  15. I’m so glad you’re okay Markiplier, and Happy Birthday!

  16. 🎊 Happy birthday dude!! 🎊

  17. happy birthday but if it is late sorry. please slap a balloon for your birthday. dont a deaded gg stay alive please.

  18. Happy late birthday, Mark!

  19. Happy Birthday Mark!🎉❤️🤧

  20. Jfc… I’m glad you’re okay. Happy birthday you managed to live another year lol

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