I Really Messed Up…

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So, I was invited to speak at EAR;s Livestream event, and completely bombed. I thought you guys might want some want some insight on how the whole experience went down, and hopefully get a good laugh at expense. Remember guys, we are all human!


  1. Why didn’t you explain to the executive producer that it wasn’t your fault. They lied to you twice. “Oh chill, another trailer will be up before you start.” and “Yeah, no problem. We’ll have the correct script onscreen.” Lies. EA being EA.

  2. You just proved to us that you are HUMAN.. everyone fucks up, makes mistakes and gets embarrassed at some point in their life. No worries, you’re still fucking awesome and we still love you :))

  3. #PutJesseInTheGame

  4. Jessi your lucky your face doesnt turn red

  5. He’s definitely not being in the game ??

  6. they def did it on purpose

  7. Wow, some of you guys in the comments are rude. He’s human, he messed up, it happens. Talking in front of people is hard, it took a lot of courage to do it.

  8. Missile Martinez

    Pewdiepie warned us..

  9. The definition of cringe ^^

  10. Shit happens….. *You’re still a fucking rockstar!*

  11. Am i the only one getting anxious?

  12. Damjan Radovanovic

    bro I dead ass cringed

  13. Yea screw EA I’m not buying any of their games again, wtf is wrong with them. You can’t be unprepared and put other people’s image on the line. Get your shit together EA, fucking ridiculous…

  14. You actually did great !
    If something like that happened to me. I would probably start choking even more … and more … and more !!
    Sooo , dont give a f about that little mistake you made ✌?️ on da streets

  15. They set you up! They wanted you to choke to attract more attention dude !


  17. Man I don’t even care if Jesse messed up. He’s a talented creator, sitting at *10 Mil* *meanwhile I’m over here working on 1k…* companies like EA treasure that kind of influence. Basically this whole video was an EA Need For Speed advertisement to 10 Million people…

  18. Anthony Armstrong

    Respect for putting yourself out there, authenticity is important

  19. The only reason I’m not gonna buy this game is because that guy basically said no when you asked to be in the game!

  20. EA did it on purpose. Changed the script twice + He kept telling you you don’t have to fuck this up + he told you wrong information about when you’re up + he told you first you would have been in the game. I just think it’s fishy.

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