I found the best place to poop (teardown)

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Outro song: By SpacemanChaos: https://apple.co/3K67gpC

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  1. I’m pumped for “The Devil in Me”

  2. DELIRIOUS! Call of Duty Warzone 2 has proximity chat. Please do a video where you mess with players using proximity chat lol

  3. Delirious are you gonna do tabs map creator next?

  4. These games look more like a 3D Minecraft. Lol.

  5. Glorious chaos


  7. You should checked out ‘the darkest tales’ game I think you would like it

  8. H20 delirious you videos makes my day today is my birthday and I’m sick so I’m sick on my birthday and I’m sad but you’re video’s always helps

  9. TAAaaaaaBbbbbbbbSssssssss

  10. Tabs

  11. 💚💚

  12. I’m not in the mood to watch teardown videos,
    but I clicked the video to find the best place to poop

  13. You should play with the T-rex delirious

  14. play more with vanoss now

  15. People just lost interest or grew up, but there ain’t nothing like nostalgia hearing his voice

  16. Do The Dark pictures anthology: The Devil in me, with cartoons

  17. I hope Liz cheats on you coward

  18. Delirious can you please play the new dark pictures analogy game the devil in me

  19. Hope we are going to get a playthrough of the new dark pictures game with Cartoonz soon!

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