How Publishers Exploit Your Confusion And Your FOMO (The Jimquisition)

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As Electronic Arts produces a spreadsheet to let customers when they can play Anthem, The Jimquisition takes a look at the concept of the confusopoly, where companies try to befuddle their customers on purpose.

We also look at how they’re exploiting FOMO – Fear Of Missing Out – in order to guarantee those confusing sales.


  1. Damm those charts are confusing and I understand the plot of kingdom hearts

  2. The confusion we were attempting didn’t meet our expectations.
    So we acquired three companies and shut them down.
    You did this.

  3. What a strange game. The only winning move is not to play.

  4. I was hoodwinked into getting the Signature Edition of Dragon Age 2 back in the day. Cured me for life, I haven’t preordered anything ever since. Wait and see, read reviews, watch LPs, be an informed consumer. I’m still waiting for RDR2 to drop to a reasonable price, I dont care about “missing out”. Unless a game is at risk of being pulled from stores there is never a reason to rush to purchase. Make them sweat, make them EARN your money and trust.

  5. The Anthem chart is not complete either, talking about last-generation store exclusives was premature… there is a retail store pre-order bonus too (Gamestop USA / Game UK depending on region) an exclusive Anthem skin called the “Edge of Resolve” 😛

  6. Mercy of Christ, but ‘Destiny clone’ sounds so deeply unappealing. The original Destiny was a grindy chore-bore pile of ‘Halo had metaphysical stuff and fancy story things, if we do that we’ll have Halo x2, oh shit’. I do not need more of any of that.

  7. “It’s all working in their favor because of FOMO and they’re bolstering that with a confusopoly” – a sentence I would not have understood 10 minutes ago

  8. I don’t buy EA titles so I’m good.

  9. That opening Actually Confused me. Thank you

  10. I mean this comment sincerely without any snark, but is it just me or is Jim clearly looking a lot healthier these days due to all the wrestling? Keep up being the bestist wrestler since the last bestist wrestler Jim!

  11. Oooooh Ubisoft! Another Collector’s Edition graph?

  12. Times like this make me appreciate Nintendo even more … Sure, they also have their facepalm moments … But at least they don’t need a freaking chart to sell you Super Mario Oddysey. Same with so many other developers that actually deserves our support.

  13. I came up with my own acronym for this kind of garbage, the Deceptive Retail Early Access Deal, or *D.R.E.A.D.* for short, because let’s face it, that’s what you’re going to be feeling when engaging in this crap.

  14. I must be abnormal or something, because all bullshit like this does for me is make me less inclined to buy and more inclined to just ignore. FOMO? LOL! I’ll go out of my way to delibarately miss out, there is too much crap out there as it is already, I’m happy to not bother with a lot of it.

  15. HA FOMO doesn’t apply to me cos i don’t use social media and have no friends! 🙂

  16. The worst part about this is that a little bit of goodwill goes a long way. I bought Skullgirls. The developers were super transparent with the crowdfunding for the DLC and where the money went. They also offered new DLC characters for a limited time at release to increase interest and “engage” the player base.

    Due to my trust and to show appreciation, I bought all the DLC I could, including shit I normally wouldn’t like color and voice packs. I even bought multiple versions of the game. And when Lab Zero announces their next game, I was on board immediately. Not because they offered exclusive packages and whatnot, but because they had made a fantastic game and treated their customers like intelligent human beings.

    I’ve never bought EA or Ubisoft DLC apart from GOTY editions of games on sale or Humble Bundles.

  17. héctor de la fuente garcía

    The chart is incomplete: It lacks→choosing not to buy the Game at all

  18. FINALLY! Thank you, Jim, for giving a shout out to Monkey Monkey Monkey, the social media platform EXCLUSIVELY for fans of the 1999 smash hit Playstation game, ‘Monkey Magic’! I look forward to seeing our userbase EXPLODE!

    …’cause right now it’s just me. Well, me and about 2000 bots spamming porn at everything, but I’m…uhh…I’m working on getting rid of the bots.

  19. I don’t think this is enough release dates. We should make a different edition for each day of the month.
    Feb 1: Shitty edition
    Feb 2: Normal edition
    Feb 3: Slightly better edition
    Feb 4: Average edition
    Feb 5: Above Average edition
    Feb 6: Superior edition
    Feb 7: Armored edition
    Feb 8: Metal edition
    Feb 9: Power edition
    You know this is where the market is going.

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