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Let's look at the latest God of PS4 footage and see what's going on.


  1. Rooftop Run from Sonic Unleashed playing in the background… That’s unexpected. Not that I’m complaining. :3

  2. The internet: people looking at people looking at stuff.

  3. The big yellow guy looking like something from the Middle-Earth universe isn’t that surprising, since Tolkien was heavily inspired by Norse mythology

  4. We’re calling this game “God of Four” from now on.

  5. Personally I’d rather have a hack n slash God of War since we don’t get too many in that genre anymore. The more games that try to be “modern” just end up looking similar and I’ll just choose the most polish one out of the dozens that get released

  6. It’s gonna look somewhat similar, Jim, both took heavily from Norse mythology as an inspiration.

    That said, I dunno that I see a lot of Shadow of Mordor/War in these trolls. They seem pretty distinct to me.

  7. I must disagree witrh you here, I don’t think it looks generic at all. The action games with a thrid person perspective are mostly shooters, having a hack & slash from that perspective and seemingly staying in that perspective is something I at least haven’t seen before. So to me it’s quite the opposite of generic, it feels rather new.

  8. People didnt bought God of War: Ascension because they whine it didnt do anything new. And now they did something new in the next God of War and people still complain. sheesh…

  9. god dammit Jim thats why u are the best. Most of mainstream games media keeps shitting on the older games to promote the new direction as if the older games were from gamings dark age and now this is some revolution in both story telling and the character of kratos. the old games were fun

  10. While the game might play fine and well, I’d still have to question why they even bothered to slap the “God of War” brand on this.

  11. Stop beating around the bush. It’s jumped on the Naughty bandwagon like all the rest of em’

  12. If you ask me if I don’t have to tediously mash the circle button just to open a fucking chest then I’ll consider this game a leap forward.

  13. I actually like the fact they changed the gameplay compared to the older games. As great as God of War 3 was you could really feel the gameplay getting stale with God of War Ascension. While it was still a good game it was nowhere near as much fun as God of War 3.

    A few more hack&slash would be nice though.

  14. “This doesn’t look like God of War” “this isn’t my god of war” cry more please.

  15. Kratos: he’s always been and always will be…

    …the ancient world’s most determined atheist

  16. I actually really like all the changes they are trying, it was needed.

  17. fcukugimmeausername

    Not seeing the hype form this. Happy to be proven wrong, but this looks shite compared to the originals.

  18. Nice looking Skyrim mod!

  19. i do no click bait


    Gamers: Blame company for not trying something new. Like, previously blaming Far Cry 5. (It still feel different, great game though)

    Also Gamers: This ain’t God of War, when they went with something different.

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