Genshin Impact – The Power of Anime is On Our Side!

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    Validation period from NOV 8th 00:00 to JAN 10th 00:00 Beijing Time

  2. Optimistic Charizard

    I instantly felt bad when they all ran towards Ninianne of the lake lmaoo

  3. Honestly the game is a turn off if I still gotta level up and progress to a certain point before I can actually play with my friends

  4. I like how the fought the boss with the most hp and does hella damage 💀

  5. I’m just gonna say. I’m a still watch this, but someone did ruin the game for me and im not saying who, and I’m not downloading it .-. But yeah, sorry for putting this in. If you don’t care. Do not respond same thing to someone who do care and jumps to conclusions. DO NOT RESPOND. I am not affending anyone of any sort so please don’t respond to me.

  6. The King of Youtubers

    You just made my day playing this game.

  7. i spat my coffee when i saw GENSHIN IMPACT WTF?!?!?!?

  8. Goated, last time I was watching was puncake and banana bus

  9. Emm. . .Houston?, we got a problom

  10. We lost another one…

  11. oh no… genshin

  12. Vanoss is playing Genshin now 😦

  13. _Ceo_of_dumbass_101

    Big brain move by hoyo 😭😭

  14. WISHLIRIOUS 😂😂💀💀

  15. Now we know who’s gonna be kept away from the children’s playground

  16. What the fuk is happening

  17. Not a day in my life would i expect to see vanoss of all people be on genshin impact

  18. Ain’t no way bro 😦

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