Game Theory: The COMPLETE History of Poppy Playtime SOLVED (Chapter 3)

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With the recent release of the Smiling Critters VHS tape and Poppy Playtime Chapter 3 right around the corner, I figured it was good to get everyone on the same page about the timeline of events. From the creation of the Poppy doll to the institution of the Bigger Bodies initiative and the events of the games we've got everything in order for you to go right into Chapter 3 with the most comprehensive understanding of the series possible!

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  1. Has anyone else just sat there and watched the view count climb

  2. Early gang

  3. Watch the third part release soon, and go out of its way to disprove all of this lol

  4. Torleif Severin Ekeberg

    Why do i hear crys of the laugh?

  5. 18:22 in this picture/drawing we also see theodore ‘s stick figure is purple, what monster in this franchise is also purple? PURPLE GUY- catnap.

  6. 1 hour gang

  7. This is kind of like fnaf you know dead kids haunting puppets

  8. JACK TRAHAN (Hyper JT)


  9. Poppy, playtime line no it should be called poppy playline

  10. Poppy playtime look like that game died in the daytime hugie wuggy look like he has a bad mug and so fuzzy

  11. Galaxy Katt (Official)

    To all of my fellow Genshin fans, can we agree that Poppy’s “The Doctor” sounds Very Familiar? 👀
    It may not be the same VA, but I’m absolutely convinced that Poppy took notes.

  12. Gosh, I love these theories so much. They’re always amazing. Here’s a part I’m a bit confused about. If the Prototype is working with the toys to end this whole operation, and the toys are willingly going along with his plan, then why would Mommy be so terrified of “becoming part of him” when we killed her in the game? It seems like she didn’t want anything more to do with him, so what could possibly be going on now that they (or maybe just her) don’t want to help him anymore?

  13. 1119TH !!!

  14. Are we sure matpat isn’t a detective?

  15. William Afton: so lemme get this straight, you killed 200 kids and turned them into furries in 1 year?
    The doctor: yes
    William Afton: wanna team up?
    The doctor: sure!

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