Game Theory: FNAF, BURN Them All (Ultimate Timeline)

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Loyal Theorists, today we return with part 3 of our FNAF Ultimate Timeline! After covering the rise of William Afton and his descent into madness a few weeks ago today we’re moving forward a bit in the timeline, talking about Sister Location to FNAF 6. There is SO much happening in this “Modern Era” of FNAF and I can’t wait to share it all with you! So bust out the EXOTIC Butters and settle in!
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  1. i had multiple goosbums watching this video

  2. Some plot holes:

    How could michael be the security guard for the 1987 Freddy Fazbear’s location if the toy’s had already been salvaged?

    How could Michael be the guard at the 1999 Freddy’s if William had already torn apart the animatronics after the place closed?

    Mike getting scooped, and ultimately being a nightguard at several locations has to happen before William becomes Springtrap to make any sense.

  3. Dillon L Vanderford

    I Hey Matpat, my birthday is actually the day right after the the live stream! I love your channel and I really hope I can watch the live stream, well… live. I would love it if you could maybe do a shoutout, just mention my name or something please! That would be awesome! Sincerely, Dillon.

  4. why is no one talking about the mother?

  5. Okay quick theory, in the first game in nights 1-5 you play as William Afton, then on night 6 you play as Michael Afton, then in fnaf two you play as William Afton in nights 1-5 and again Michael in night 6 now then you did point out that it doesn’t make sense, however look at the pink slip for Fritz Smith, it says first day on the job, so this is someone new, not someone that has been there for five nights, so it could fit. disclaimer: I have not nor intend to ever read the books.

  6. #1 trending

  7. Mattpatt should really get into voicing audio books bc he’d be perfect for it

  8. Matpat could totally pull a William Afton on his neighborhood

  9. What about the two technicians that were dead in SL

  10. Thank you mattpat for all your efforts in explaining why he ourple

  11. Gartner. Of. Ban. Ban

  12. Excited for the next part!

  13. I love how he’s spent so many years trying to solve this franchise. Let’s pray for Mat that the upcoming movie won’t throw a giant curveball.

  14. This is where I think the story should have ended and his consciousness should have never been in the circuit board

  15. i never thought of sister location being the actual location of his sister

  16. I’m in tears I didn’t know that SB was Scott’s last game he is selling the rights its not gunna be the same

  17. Day 3 of asking matpat to do theory on the roblox game isle

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