FORSPOKEN PS5 Walkthrough Gameplay Part 4 – TANTA SILA (FULL GAME)

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Walkthrough Gameplay Part 4 includes a Full Gameplay Review and Campaign 4 of Forspoken 2023 Single Player Story Campaign for PlayStation 5, PS5 and PC. This Forspoken Story Campaign Walkthrough will include the Full Game on PS5 in Performance Mode. Forspoken Game Walkthrough Part 1 will include a Review, PS5 Gameplay, All Magic, Gear, Nails, Cloak, Necklace, Dialogue, Tantas, Main Missions, Side Missions, Cinematics, Cut Scenes, OST, Story Missions and all Single Player Campaign Missions and the Ending. Thanks Square Enix for giving me Forspoken on PS5!

Forspoken is an action role-playing game developed by Luminous Productions and published by Square Enix. It released on January 24, 2023, on PlayStation 5 and Windows.

The protagonist, Frey Holland is a directionless, yet street smart young woman who has persevered despite her rough upbringing in New York City. And her life hasn’t really gotten any easier now that she’s about to turn 21. Things take a turn for the unexpected when she’s magically transported to Athia, a land where fantasies and nightmares are suddenly very real. Playing as Frey, you’ll need to harness newly discovered magical abilities to battle the monsters that inhabit the land. To have a chance of returning home, she’ll also have to contend with the Tantas — destructive and twisted all-powerful who have dominion over Athia.

The player character, Frey, has access to a variety of magical spells. Following each encounter, the player will earn experience points. Frey’s cloak can be upgraded in order to improve her combat efficiency and stats, while applying nail polish unlocks special abilities. The player can also craft new items, or rest at a safe location in order to restore health. While the player is exploring the game world, they may encounter a “breakstorm”, a scenario similar to a horde mode in which waves of creatures spawn and attack Frey. The storm will end with the appearance of a named boss character.


  1. Appreciate the love so far. Will be starting Dead Space Friday!

  2. The Tantas be going, “Slay, Queen. Look at these nails.”

  3. Mr William Valentine

    Wow the girl that looked up to Freya is dead 😳 😱😭😭 so sad she was such a cool character too now she has to defeat them at all costs no matter what to restore balance to the realms ❤️❤️🤔🤔🤔

  4. I’m still not into this narrative driven format, as much as I like the story the story mechanics are so heavy handed and distracting. Also I don’t know enough about the different tiers of games but the design of the baddies feels so low poly, they’re almost indistinguishable during combat. And I really feel that Olivia’s death was… “unearned”, this was a cheap ploy to pull at the heartstrings. From what I could see Frey was fighting in an enclosed space, neither Olivia nor anyone else should’ve been injured or died during combat. But instead we have to guess that something else was happening in the background, which feels like a cheap and dishonest means of killing an NPC we’ve grown attached to😒

  5. Calling it now cuff is the ancient demon and final boss

  6. I feel like this game is unfinished… like they rushed to meet a deadline

  7. Really love this storyline and like Freya as a protagonist. She has a major attitude and quick with an insult which I find hilarious. Plz keep making this series Brad!

  8. Silver Fox Forest Designs

    swear all these games are the same

  9. ध्येय सनातन

    this is like elden ring .. please play it full !!

  10. i like this video it was good😀😃

  11. I dislike het masculine

  12. My man talking about my main game destiny lost sectors. Great video as always.

  13. Explore more and get more used to the combat by fighting tougher enemies around the map. Learn how to use the magic flow to its full potential and get used to using all your abilities to develop combos. It makes the game so much more fun . Also turn the music all the way off it makes it more intense

  14. dark pictures!!!

  15. U have to go on the slot wheel to change attacks? Wish it was more smooth

  16. you do use ur hands to cast spells so having runes on ur fingernails makes sense when u think about it. magic uses all sorts of things even irl lore has it using hair blood bone and whatnot. since magic leaves ur hands through ur fingers the fact they came up with this level of detail that enchanting ur fingernails would change ur spellwork is actually genius. i dont think i have EVER heard about this in magic mythology. props to devs on that one.

  17. Another Part out, so I lay back and enjoy the Voosh ! 😂

  18. I’ve finally found out what this game is similar to in regards to fighting…. The game is “infamous”, specifically second son. Now I see why I’m interested in this game, it’s because I love the infamous series especially the 1st one.

  19. Ali's Music Videos!

    every character in the game is woman?😂

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