FNAF Escape Room | The Glitched Attraction

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The Glitched Attraction has been fully released! Enjoy the wonders of a at Freddy’s inspired escape room!

Horror Outro ► https://soundcloud.com/shurkofficial/haunted


  1. Markiplier raging of FNAF games (including all the fan ones) is just childhood at this point I grew up with these kinds of video and best believe Mark my children will too grow up with my favorite King of Five Nights at Freddys

  2. so nostalgic – love!

  3. Why do I feel like Chica’s punch is more personal?😂

  4. Spiff will be so happy Mark is playing this

  5. Man the sound design of chica walking past the locker was awesome

  6. daniel Ocean Smith

    That statue is going to be gone before he even realizes it…

  7. Honestly I want mark to try forgotten memories on Roblox >:D

  8. Oh he’s trying his absolute hardest to force himself into the fnaf movie and I absolutely support him 😌

  9. Idk how many times I rewatched that punch reaction, I couldn’t stop laughing 🤣

  10. Just hide in a locker while the curtain opens Mark !

  11. finally fnaf vids, leeeeets goooooo

  12. * Insert “THAT’S WHY HE IS THE GOAT!” meme here *

  13. “Coast is clear on ‘Stop?'”
    He kinda said “Stop” a lot while the flashing was happening.

  14. SPOILERS probably… i haven’t wrote the whole thing so idk
    The Glitched Attraction Lore
    William Afton/Burntrap/Springtrap/Scraptrap/Purple Guy/Furry Kid Murderer/Dave Miller wants remnant, so Vanny (being controlled by William) makes a plan to get money and remnant, but mostly remnant. So she makes an attraction apparently made by Fazbear Ent. that is an exciting series of escape rooms. However, Vanny has an 8-step plan for the remnant:
    1. Get someone to go to the Fazbear Attraction.
    2. That person gets jumpscared.
    3. Vanny collects the not-dead body of that person.
    4. Vanny obtains the remnant from that person, this time the person actually dies.
    But how is the attraction still open if people are dissappearing there? They don’t, because:
    5. With part of that remnant Vanny makes an illusion disk.
    6. Illusion disk+Endoesqueleton=The dead person but as an animatronic that looks like the dead person and can be controlled by Vanny (not really the dead guy tho).
    7. The animatronic makes one of his friends go to the attraction.
    8. Rinse and repeat.
    So in the game, your friend went to the attraction, died, got replaced, and made YOU go to the attraction. You go there, and start uncovering some secrets, and eventually realize, this is not an attraction but a death trap. You complete all the puzzles, which you are not supposed to do, and end up in a basement. A basement where there is a computer, which you can see some weird documents, and eventually Vanny catches you, gets your remnant and puts it in William Afton/Burntrap/Springtrap/Scraptrap/Purple Guy/Furry Kid Murderer/Dave Miller body. Now you are trapped in his mind.

  15. I nearly choked to death when chica threw that right hook ohm y god

  16. Its pure religion for me to see mark play & make series of fnaf.

  17. phantom dylan hayes


  18. FNaF Once more

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