Fastest Way to Piss Off a Genji Main as McCree: The Final Chapter

A final continuation of two posts I made to reddit, each time getting to the front page of r/, even if briefly. People seemed to doubt this was easy to do. So, I’ll teach them.


  1. You hold that recoil really well.

  2. fantasybuchschreiben

    the only thing genji mains deserve

  3. i could throw a flashbang from my garden to my neighbours and genji in fucking japan would still manage to deflect it

  4. As a genji main…..I approve. Lol

  5. That Muse cue though.

  6. Bassline Delivery


  7. We must be playing completely different games. Enemies can swallow my flashbang and it still turns out to be a blank. And yours has such a gigantic radius, wtf.

  8. Genji mains are cancer.

  9. The right click is key, in order to tilt the Genji as much as humanly possible.

  10. Real smooth editing

  11. Lets see the video of all the times you missed and flashed yourself.

  12. I can confirm

  13. r/overwatch

  14. Did you mean to coordinate your shots with the song at :37 ?

  15. TREASURE!!!!!!!!!! THAT IS WHAT U R

  16. I never even though about throwing it anywhere but straight at him…. shite I’m an idiot.

  17. I luv your videos

  18. You’re beautiful and I love you.

  19. that was oddly satisfying

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