Destiny Discovers fps PUBG Glitch

Destiny Discovers a glitch while playing PUBG

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Outro Song- Bassnectar – Speakerbox ft. Lafa Taylor – INTO THE SUN


  1. T O U R N A M E N T R E A D Y

  2. How is that a glitch and please don’t start uploading videos of destiny he’s so annoying

  3. He got banned for that? The devs are a fucking joke

  4. name of the the song in the outro?

  5. So just to prove a point to devs he ruined that game for those guys… What a fucking idiot, if he got banned, it’s well deserved

  6. this bug happens to me like 80% of the time, it needs to get fixed. you cant go in buildings so you cant loot anything, makes waiting for the match and loading into it a waste of time

  7. Banning people over bugs in an unfinished game? Cool.

  8. He shouldn’t be banned unless he does it repeatedly on purpose. You can’t help if it happens during a game though.

    I fucking hate cheaters but I couldn’t help but laugh at this.

  9. We can’t fix the problems so we’re gonna ban the people who experiences it instead.

  10. I don’t get it? what is the glitch? Why did he get banned? Captain please.

  11. good. developers also banned their own beta testing team, because they were finding bugs too. stupidity hits higher level. yep :))

  12. PUBG devs are pathetic.

  13. Why is everyone so upset that he got banned? The rules clearly say that you aren’t allowed to use any kind of bug/glitch which would you give an unfair advantage in any way. As it seems no building got rendered which means he could see everyone inside those (which normally isn’t possible), which *is* an unfair advantage which he then used knowing that he isn’t allowed to and the ban is the result.

  14. Items not rendering is not his fault and thus he is not exploiting a bug.
    He did not intentionally search for a bug just to use it to his advantage unlike in Overwatch with the Pharah flying inside walls.
    Should everyone who experiences bugs just quit their matches in order to not have unfair advantages/get banned or should the developers of the game fix the unfinished game this guy paid to test?

  15. where is the glitch ?

  16. Game in EA which is buggy to fuck causes bug. Player plays anyway ( Which is his right in a EA game) Only kill 4 people before dying himself…Banned.

    No logic from these devs.

    If they spent more time fixing the game, than spending one month on micro transactions, then maybe, just maybe, these bugs wouldn’t of happened.

    Banning this guy (Whoever he is) is fucking retarded.

    Most players have probably come across an unfair glitch in the game, so ban them too then with that logic…

  17. The devs know how media works, negative news spreads like a wildfire, especially if you ban a popular streamer. If he would ban a noname streamer over this, no one would give a flying fuck and the effect wouldn’t be the same. No negativity can break PUBG’s popularity, not even when the dev is a jerk.
    People will blabber about this for a few days then they forget about it, as usual, human nature. Same as the DrDisrespect ban, it was planned right from the start, to give both the streamer and PUBG more publicity and it worked and it will work this time.

  18. My friend had the same , he fell through the bridge , i mean undeserved ban but i hate that fag

  19. Im glad there so strict on bans. Good for them!

  20. fix your broken fucking game

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