Departmental Accident


  1. I hope you guys ticketed him for those stupid (and illegal) headlights

  2. isent that cop car parked illigal?

  3. “We need more cops like this”… There are more cops “like this” in the
    entire system of law enforcement than there are like “the one’s” who end up
    in the media.

  4. Fuck the police, coming straight from Pallet town.

  5. my left ear enjoyed this

  6. These retards ! These retards are the ones that need to get shot.

  7. lucky it wasnt at a crossing and a human was walking across because if my
    child was mowed down by you i would personally torture you in a basement
    for a year, im all for playing computer games till your 100 but pokemon go,
    grow the fuck up

  8. But did he catch the Pokémon he was after?

  9. Don’t drink and drive….
    Don’t text and drive….
    Don’t Pokémon Go! and drive..

  10. Even when the video slowed down the audio didn’t slow down. The voice “are
    you guys okay?” was added later. The cop was probably screaming racial

  11. This one dude in France accidentally drove a truck into a crowd tryna catch

  12. at least he was honest about his dumbness. and the cop seemed like he was
    not too pissed.

  13. Why did he confess?

  14. YouwillneverdefeattheriddleoftheBlackRiders

    What a horrible human being. He should feel bad and his parents should be
    ashamed. I hope he gets into big trouble for this.

  15. Dumb Game? You´re the fucking stupid for driving and playing, hope yo mama
    kick your ass… stupid fucker…

  16. people people people. a little game isn’t worth jail time fines or possibly
    killing someone. put the phone in your glove box until you get out of your

  17. G. Alfredo Inurreta Muñoz


  18. Tickle my left ear

  19. Ugh, the feeling like an ass to that level has to be enough. But fuck it,
    prove a point. People need to pay attention and walk.

  20. ThebaldGuy fromAZ

    Grand theft auto GO turned out to be a complete fail.

  21. #CarLivesMatter

  22. “That’s what I get for playing this dumb ass game”

    WHO’S…THAT…DUMBASS? *insert pokemon music here*

  23. Millennials at it again

  24. One thing is the app and other thing is that people are fucking stupid…

  25. People are retarded !


  27. I’m voting for Trump so he can deport all these pokemon players back to
    pallet town

  28. not all cops are assholes. despite having a squad car hit, he kept his
    calm. good cops exist people

  29. Cops never let the people play a simple game. They didn’t even hurt anyone!
    Just leave law-abiding citizens alone.

  30. no shoot?

  31. #TeamDumbass

  32. No that’s what you get for being a fucking retard.

  33. Jokes on the cops. He was high as fuck when he struck the car and just told
    the officer he was playing a game.

  34. somebody done fucked up.

  35. it happened in Quebec City, Canada too … The guy was distract by Pokemon
    go .. he didnt saw the police car behind him and made backward right into
    the police car .. he got only 70$ Penalty

  36. its not the games fault you have no self control, tool. ffs.

  37. That idiot driver that hit the cop car was probably a UBER driver with a
    passenger in the back seat. If so, I hope the passenger sues the shht outta
    the idiot and takes the losers for every red cent he owns and then some.
    It’s the least the idiot driver deserves for playing on his phone while
    driving with an innocent passenger in the car…

  38. any app can do this to a person.

  39. Atleast he caught that pokemon, ammi right

  40. I’d sue Nintendo for putting you in such a life threatening situation

  41. Долбаёб

  42. The game isn’t the one that is a “dumb ass,” the driver is….

  43. SilentBiscuit333

    There was a guy in the back but not up front? Damn isn’t there a reason for
    the whole ‘designated driver’ – its not just for alcoholics anymore.

  44. Gotta crash em all!

  45. its funny how this idiot blames the game

  46. Oh look, it’s a black tattooed degenerate. SURPRISE SURPRISE.

  47. stupid kid

  48. Comment section is AIDS. “Need more officers like this” “What a
    surprisingly nice cop”. No, tons of cops are like this. There are tons of
    cops who chose their job because they are genuine people who want to help.
    Maybe if you would pay attention and not think what the media portrays is
    what every cop is like.

  49. This is clearly fake

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