Dark Souls III – The Movie

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A long time ago, in a world deep in the darkest ages, hellish fiends ruled over this land. But one man, will rise up, and raise a whole lotta hell. When you pick a fight with the devil, you’d better be stronger than hell!

III is available on VHS April 12.


  1. Anyone else watching this with SnoopaVision?

  2. can we kickstart that as an alternate cover

  3. God bless those beautiful bastards at FromSoft.

  4. Vhs lol. Kids probably don’t even know wtf vhs is.

  5. * [rummaging through boxes for old VHS player]

  6. Can’t wait to rent this from blockbuster!

  7. Gotta get to my nearest blockbuster fast

  8. Robert Alford Green

    A decent advert really. I thought it couldn’t be done for a souls game A E
    S T H E T I C

  9. “When you pick a fight with the Devil, you better be stronger than hell!”
    That is the most badass line I’ve ever heard! If that was a real thing, I
    would buy it day one.

  10. but, where am I going to find a VHS? D=

  11. When will you be releasing on Betamax?

  12. dark souls 3?? you guys mean evil dead right? cause it felt like evil dead
    to me…

  13. starring



    van damme

  14. Knowing Bandai, I actually thought this was real, yes an April fools joke,
    but they would actually make the product.

  15. So just in case, I’m a put a note here that says when I get rich or some
    such way of acquiring money, get some videogame programmers together have
    them watch this trailer, some 80’s movies, check out the Hotline Miami
    game, other trippy looking games, get them all high and in a room and have
    them start playing ideas off each other and when they sober up have them do
    another two separate think sessions, one based around the high session and
    the other them based around just sober thinking and development.
    And let this just be a call for anyone else who thinks this trailer should
    be an actually thing. A fantasy game with 80’s movie flare and charm but be
    an actual story with solid gameplay, awesome characters and film reel like
    filter look.

  16. I actually want it even if it’s a joke. I want three of them.

  17. PERFECT!!!! VHS Souls!!!

  18. *From the makers of Evil Dead and Army of Darkness.*

  19. bad ass trailer

  20. Dark Souls 3 is old now. Who’s ready for a Dark Souls 4 leak?

  21. whats the song at :35?!

  22. Will it be on tv so I can record it over my old vhs movies.

  23. “please buy our games fellow kids”

  24. been waiting for the sequel to Dark Souls II: Rogue Warrior

  25. Holo The Hogan Johnson

    Aaand spoilers, annnndd no thanks.

  26. Dark Souls III is like the Deadpool of video games.

  27. Stefano “Dio” Crispi

    This is the best video game trailer I’ve ever seen.
    I realize it was probably done this way as an April Fools joke, but this is
    by far my favorite trailer.

  28. I love the Souls games but srsly SUCK at them XD

  29. you never cease to amaze fromsoft, except for that one time, but we dont
    talk about that

  30. ds3 and R&C come out the same day wtf

  31. Wow this Trailer looks honestly EPIC. This film grain effect makes it feel
    more immersive.

  32. Jakeaminpro Gaming

    i thing is APRIL FOOLS!

  33. My anus is ready. Time to dust of the old vcr.

  34. Juan Pablo Gonzalez

    reminds me to the “i bought a vampire motorcycle” trailer


  36. Half man
    Half undead
    All hero


  38. I’d throw money at it. Fuck DVD and Blueray I’d buy it even if it’s on VHS!

  39. Sebastian Westberg (Wasterbull Putor)

    First level:


  40. This is reminding me of Blood Dragon.

  41. Hotline Miami meets Dark Souls.

  42. All it really needed was some 80s rock in it.

  43. Would have been more funny if they said Betamax.


  45. Void Walker Gaming

    The background music is amazing! What’s it called?

  46. Why the fuck you lyin

    VHS my ass April Fools ahahaha

  47. Just makes me want to go back and watch the Dark Souls 2 – Rogue Warrior

  48. No thanks, I’ll wait for the port to Laser-disk.

  49. I want the vhs cover as a poster.

  50. I continue to be confused by the release campaign for this game

  51. This is an April Fools prank right?

  52. Fucking bad ass.

  53. Please. Yes please.

  54. HOW CAN PEOPLE FALL ON THIS! Well,i have to admit,kongregate really trolled
    me with the kong minus thingy. Anyways,this was the best day ever! but now
    we have to wait for the next year.Maybe u beat me this time kongregate,but
    i will have my revenge!

  55. This comes with the Special Limited Edition +, right?

  56. why does it look like veselkovs rogue warrior but way worse

  57. remember wyen we pressed rewind and had to actually wait until the tape

  58. I’m not even mad about this. In fact I want more of it in a way.

  59. we need a Dark Souls 1 movie

  60. If you pick a fight with the Devil, God says you’re screwed don’t even try
    it, says so in the Bible I kid you not it’s dangerous.

  61. Now to head to my nearest pawn shop to grab a vhs player.

  62. RichChanLikesTacos(Rich Kromhout, XxRichardK18xX)

    I cannot believe that this movie already went platinum! The only way to
    truly experience this in 3D is with snoopavison!

  63. This is the coolest trailer I’ve seen for a game I’ve never been so hyped!

  64. That would be a sick poster if it was real

  65. 0:41 ohh watchdog is in here

  66. soo why did they present this in a VHS format exactly? I mean stylistically
    it looks genuine but the actual style of the game makes it seem so beyond
    that era of technology

  67. “When you pick a fight with the devil, you’d better be stronger than hell.”
    awesome tagline right there.

  68. Put this ad on TV.

  69. TheDoglover23456

    April 12 huh….why 11days bandai huh why make us suffer and give us our
    souls now

  70. 0:45 Wilhelm scream lol

  71. AAA version of veselekov’s Rogue Warrior??

  72. When will this be coming to laserdisc?

  73. Jefferson Fabian

    best trailer ive ever seen

  74. waffleninjax4owns

    Dammit fromsoft I now need this

  75. am I the only one who would buy the vhs?

  76. This is smoething… REALLY gtrat ad! <3

  77. this was fucking awesome

  78. bamco pulled a veselekov, huh

  79. This is the best thing ever!

  80. I wish. If they made a Dark Souls movie that was actually good. I mean out
    protagonist doesn’t even have to talk, just the people he meets. The only
    real problem now is cgi, but that goes back to “if the movie was actually
    good” thing.

  81. yep, I’m buying dark souls now.

  82. inappropriate.

  83. Kung Fury anyone?

  84. Copied dj khaleed im reporting

  85. This was so awesome!

  86. Earl “gettingrightintothenews” Hickey

    This looks like they got an idea from Veselekov.

  87. I love it!

  88. Damien Villanueva

    this game is lovely

  89. The President Of Kenya



  91. This is a delightful 80s feeling.

  92. This was meant as a parody, but what they don’t know is that this is
    unironically my favourite Souls game trailer yet and actually sold me on
    the game. I feel like buying it day one instead of waiting for a sale.

    I wish cheesy trailers like this were still a thing, with a deep voiced
    narrator throwing off corny one liners. Way more fun than the BWAAAAAMP
    shit we get now.

  93. What the actual fuck is this? Not what I was expecting when I clicked the
    image. Still cool though. Seems legit… ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  94. Fantastic!


    Is VHS an STD that was common in the 80s?

  96. time to dust off the old VHS

  97. Available on VHS xD

  98. Small loan of a million dollars

    This is hilarious too bad it’s not real

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