Damn Fine Coffee (The Jimquisition Remastered)

Because of The Plague, your regularly scheduled Jimquisition running late. However, we try to never miss a Monday, so enjoy a remaster!

Games get focus tested out the arse, and it can dramatically how they’re made or sold. The problem is, most focus tests are total bollocks.


  1. Soooo…focus groups are useless then? Just like I’ve been saying since the day I heard of the concept? Got it.

  2. how about the old theme song for remastered and the new theme song for regular episodes? btw this is coming from a person who likes the new theme song so it’s not just resistance to change, i just think it’d be a neat idea

  3. Oh good to hear your better and *… a lot of spandex came, look forward to that* OH MY FUCKING GOD ITS COMING!

  4. Ah, you featured scenes from the new Twin Peaks, a TV show where the directors clearly made the TV show they wanted to make, because they wanted to make what they thought was a good TV show.

  5. Did you saw the trash can filled with Aliens: Colonial Marines in the intro?

  6. The thing with the new coke is that it tasted actually better than the regular one, but it was too “stuffy” so drinking the same amounts as before was difficult.

  7. F.E.A.R. 3 was my favorite in the trilogy. I am verifiably a heretic, I suppose. =/

  8. Christian Scheppegrell

    Hey Jim, why do u think so so highly of urself, even to an egotistical level? Just wondering cause I’m trying to find a justified reason but for the life of me I cant…

  9. My life is complete. My favorite Jimquisition episodes have been remastered. Perfect Pasta Sauce and Damn Fine Coffee still ring true today. Sadly.

  10. Wait so I buy the remaster to get the new Jimquisition or…was this a pre-order?

  11. I always think of this episode when somebody says Pokémon should be open world and have real-time combat.

    They never give any reason for why it “needs” either of those features, so the only reasoning I can come to is that every other RPG on the market is open world with real-time combat, so it just feels right to say Pokémon needs to be like that too.

  12. …Plus…what can they do about it anyway? You’re not monetizing your videos. Patreon!

  13. The best episode is “Sequel or Slaughter” imo.

  14. To be fair if you have the resources to do focus testing it would be silly not to take advantage of it, if only to see how people actually react to your game. You might find that people don’t experience things the way you intended, and that’s valuable even if you’re actually a passionate artist putting effort into your work.

    Obviously you need to have an open mind and diverse focus groups if you want to do this effectively, and people do fuck it up a lot but it can be an effective tool if used correctly.

  15. live long enough to become the remastered villain

  16. @8:00 Why did the audio suddenly cut out?!?

  17. Even Jim is remastering old content to pad release schedule, is nothing sacred?

  18. According to focus groups, noone has ever eaten a pot noodle.

  19. The only good thing about this otehrwise shitty day, known as monday.

  20. Review Cuphead, and the controversy where Dean Takahashi couldn’t get past the tutorial – raising the question: Should reviewers be remotely competent enough to play the games they are reviewing. He destroyed himself, basically:


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