Clueless Gamer: “Far Cry Primal” With PewDiePie – CONAN on TBS

Highlight: travels to the distant past with pro gamer , along with their trusty badger perv sidekick.

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  2. Pls someone I need date to prom must be female, like if interested

  3. hah 3:12 best part :D

  4. Conan, pewdiepie, and a new farcry… Is this heaven?

  5. Clueless gamer with dashiexp !!!!!

  6. the moment where they went to high five xD

  7. Shaqula Bloodinstein

    Generic hate comment!

  8. Pro gamer Pewdiepie? Pro youtuber maybe, or pro screamer but pro gamer is a
    bit of a stretch. Average gamer at best imo.

  9. Lol that was awesome xD

  10. Even though Im no bro, I still think PewDiePie is a decent guy. Haters must
    be like under 12 years old… I don’t see why anyone older than that has a
    reason to hate him.

  11. Hiten “Infamous” Sangani

    damn i wish it was vanoss instead of pewd

  12. TheFarmersFarmington

    Badgerpool going for the tbag

  13. Silly Sci-Fi game, don’t they realize that Earth is less than 10.000 years

  14. Conan is mad funny! Like if you agree

  15. Conan’s avoiding eye contact lol

  16. YusLoves Videogames

    my 2 fav youtuber together :,)

  17. I don’t see anyone hating pewdiepie, just people complaining about people
    hating pewdiepie.

  18. Only pewdiepie would choose the badger, what a tool

  19. usually pewdiepie would be talking making jokes but he more calm and
    collective here not many words.

  20. conan is so funny man

  21. Sadly, I am not suprised that the people here who hate on PDP are also
    people who hates Neuropsychiatric syndroms… I smell closet Nazis. I’m
    neither a fan nor a hater, but it is very pathetic how these act. Just like
    the OG Nazis, “let’s go and blame successful people for everything wrong
    with our lives instead of doing something productive for society”. Pew may
    “only” provide gaming commentary, and it’s still more than than what haters
    do >_> Also they lack a comprehension of the Swedish mentality and
    sociological behaviourism. They have to see him everywhere? Pfft, WE have
    to see THEM everywhere too, behaving like human garbage.

  22. Hahahahahaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. TheRelentlessKnight

    A real comedian vs a guy who screams on camera to entertain kids

  24. lol conan would be an awesome streamer this is hilarious

  25. hahahaha I love how Conan is like the dad of pewdiepie and they’re bonding

  26. damn conan didnt rate the game this time

  27. the owl reminds me of the owl in harry potter that always runs into things.

  28. these connan sell out game commercialz are annoying.

  29. omg the titel promises the best Video i will ever see in my life

  30. Conan with Markiplier now :3

  31. Ubisoft is sooo desperate to sell this game.

  32. We love Pewdiepie!!!!!! From Nepal!


  34. Next time play super Mario maker with Markiplier and/or the Game Grumps

  35. Robbaz? Not sure if he would agree to show his face though.

  36. Just went on redtube and didn’t find it. Anyone has a link?

  37. I'mposs “RevEvo” ible

    Repeat 3:10

  38. Usually I hate Conan for some reason but here he actually had pretty solid
    and fun commentary, made the ‘let’s play’ a lot more fun to watch :)

  39. ”Pro gamer”

  40. I lost it at the owl part.

  41. That was great!

  42. Please do a clueless gamer with JonTron

  43. Мирра Мархаева

    Who is PewDiePie?

  44. pewdipie is so god damn good

  45. lmao he names everything Benght (is that spelled right?)

  46. The only people that are more childish and retarded than pewdiepie fans are
    pewdiepie haters.

  47. Why did they get this random dude with Conan? I like his gray haired friend
    much better!

  48. >BCEdropped

  49. And so Conan and PewDiePie traveled back in time to the birthtime of Larry
    King and met up with the legendary rapist badger and the blind owl.

  50. Pewdiepie could have some acting lessons. Looks like a dork.

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