#boogiedown Contest Announce

? https://www.epicgames.com/fortnite/en-US/news/boogiedown-contest-announce?lang=en-US ?
Get ready to #boogiedown with @CDNThe3rd and @TSM_Myth. Submit your dance on Twitter, Instragram or Facebook using the #boogiedown for a chance to have your emote forever immortalized in-game. Let’s Dance!

Go check out their channels! Both of these guys are passionate about and we are honored to have them announce this community celebration.


  1. Big shoutout to @CDNThe3rd and @TSM_Myth. Check out their channels:

    Myth’s YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/IMTHETacticalMyth
    CDNThe3rd’s YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/CDNThe3rd

    Send us your best moves on Twitter, Facebook and Instragram using the #boogiedown.

  2. Someone do praise lord

  3. myth can really dance

  4. Epic why don’t you do anything about the glitched hero slot in save the world and the no stats in battle royale

  5. Boogie on down to boogietown


  7. #HighExplosivesBack

  8. Make them FREE (if possible☺)

  9. The Salty Crusader

    Throw The chair emote 😀

  10. When is Save the world Gona be free.?????

  11. “Oh shit, y’all mind if I praise the lord”
    Those who know what I’m talking about…ADD THAT AS AN EMITE EPIC WE NEED IT

  12. 1:02 omg he is insane hahahahah

  13. 1:04 when mom says the hot pockets are ready

  14. Sara Cristina leiria

    TSM fantastic

  15. 1:04 song pls ?

  16. Deffo need to add the shoot and the dance Drake does in hotline bling

  17. Dangerous PrankstersTV

    Plz don’t delete wins in fornite

  18. Dangerous PrankstersTV

    Dont delete wins in fornite that is all fun in game


    Am I the only one that watched myth dance over and over again?

  20. When u get to that realisation…

    That u can’t dance ?

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