Battlefield 1 Historical Trailer Analysis I THE GREAT WAR Special

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Thousands of people decided to watch our show since the 1 made its debut last week, so we decided to welcome all the new fans with a .

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Pictures: Mostly Picture Alliance
Background Map:
Literature (excerpt):
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THE GREAT WAR covers the events exactly 100 years ago: The story of World War I in realtime. Featuring: The unique archive material of British Pathé. takes you on a journey into the past to show you what really happened and how it all could spiral into more than four years of dire war. Subscribe to our channel and don’t miss our new episodes every Thursday.

Most of the comments are written by our social media manager Florian. He is posting links, facts and backstage material on our social media channels. But from time to time, Indy reads and answers comments with his personal account, too.

The Team responsible for THE GREAT WAR is even bigger:

Presented by : Indiana Neidell
Written by: Florian Wittig
Director: Toni Steller & Florian Wittig
Director of Photography: Toni Steller
Editing: Toni Steller
Motion Design: Philipp Appelt
Research by: Indiana Neidell
Fact checking: Markus Linke

A Networks Channel
Based on a concept by Spartacus Olsson
Author: Indiana Neidell
Visual Concept: Astrid Deinhard-Olsson
Executive Producer: Spartacus Olsson
Producer: Toni Steller & Florian Wittig
Social Media Manager: Florian Wittig

Contains licenced Material by British Pathé
All rights reserved – © Mediakraft Networks GmbH, 2016


  1. best analysis ever thanks a lot and keep up the good work sir

  2. Well, EA did come out and say it won’t be historically accurate. “That the
    gameplay is the most important aspect over historical setting.” Look at The
    Great War take on EA. Go Indiana!

  3. dark Leo the great

    I love battle field and the great war. ??????????????????

  4. Товарищ Раптор

    Also I thought Adiran was pronounced Aa-dree-aan

  5. There is sure a lot of FOKKERS in this trailer.

  6. Awesome to see lots of new fans of historical wars!

  7. Wow! I didnt notice that that german with showel had medic equipment on his
    back. Other top youtube gamers didnt noticed it either. Great job

  8. 7:50

    The guy with Anti-TR and Rifle with the hood and shoulder pads is probably
    just what the sniper class will resemble and this particular rifle is one
    of the starters. Same thing with all the soldiers with the same grenade
    bandolier, they are probably engineers or supports.

  9. please use | instead of I in your video titles. awesome vid

  10. Whatever you do Indy, make sure you don’t play with Hotzendorf or Cordano.

  11. video game in Gallipolie

  12. The video is great, but that is the crank shaft for the MK4 British tank,
    tanks were controlled with levers (as are some today)

    If you look right in the centre of the image you can see the crank shaft
    going directly into the engine.

  13. Fantastic analysis!

  14. In an interview with DICE, they said that they are aiming for a “perceived
    reality” in order to accommodate gameplay. The anti-tank grenade for
    example, it is probably a gadget used by one of the classes. I think that
    all of the equipment will be period accurate though.

  15. I am overjoyed that as a result of this game coming out there has been a
    surge of interest in Ww1 and in your channel :). I have often thought that
    video games could spark an educational interest in history amongst gamers,
    it would be nice to see some game play in future and to see your commentary
    on the historical accuracy of the game itself (and on it’s playability.).
    Either way thanks for another great video.

  16. This video is quality

  17. I was quite shocked by the armour too Indy, but, with further research, the
    armour appears to be Bashford Dean’s prototype armour which had full
    pauldrons arm and hand protection combined with the “Sappenpanzer
    Gesichtsmaske”. This is the best analysis I’ve seen so far there have been
    too many amateur WWI histroians christened since the trailer.

  18. Liked before I even watched. I’m so happy you made this! As a history buff
    and Battlefield fan two worlds are colliding here. I was — at most —
    hoping for it to be brought up in a Q and A video.

  19. I have a feeling that the reason for different headgear and weapons is that
    DICE/EA, since Battlefield 2 like to give one standard weapon for a class
    and then rest are unlocks that you get during play and will be part of the
    class customisation. I fear there will be no cohesion for weapons in
    Battlefield 1. Typical of modern casual playstyle.

  20. A great and interesting video, for a hopefully great game. Thanks again for
    another great video!

  21. steven townsend

    bigMooney06 I believe

  22. Ok save yourself saying things are out of place and go on google and type
    in WW1 armour and see the mad contraptions that come up, it’s not fantasy

  23. Awesome video!

  24. The “armored train” seems to be a russian Zaamurets (Заамурец) armoured

  25. Italian Stallion

    You know I’m gonna be like (this wasn’t accurate or that was acurrate) and
    I’m gonna think thanks great war for the educational lessons this channel
    has give.

  26. Clément Lehmann

    at 46 seconds it’s an australian soldier, he have the australian symbols on
    his shoulder

  27. The guy looks just like Slean from Beowulf

  28. Why play this when you could play a accurate WW1 game like verdun?

  29. finally! a world war one game i didn’t think this would ever happen

  30. haha, never thought you would cover this one great job!

  31. LIKED FOR THE HYPE before even watching the video.

    BF 1 is coming COD get rekt 420 blazeit.

  32. 9:28 I believe that the mask was a German WWI Sniper mask. It looks like

  33. did anybody notice rockets under the right wing of the red plane in the
    ocean scene

  34. My main beef with WWI games is that any round that lasts more 3 seconds is
    historically inaccurate.

    “Hey everybody! Let’s charge that machine gun nest! Chaaaaaaaaarge!” [DIES]

    Stupidest war ever.

  35. Make a similar video for the game Verdun!!!

  36. So geil wie er die duetschen Namen ausspricht hahaha “Grabenspaaten”

  37. I’ve been waiting for this video

  38. Panzer Commander

    Thank you for doing this.

  39. I accept your sell-out,nigh welcome it. Thank you.

  40. can u make a video about biological weapons

  41. signal Toy soldiers on Xbox360 (Signal) is also WW1-based

  42. I was hoping you folks would do an analysis. I would hope that this is a
    great way to bring in a whole new audience. I love how this channel and
    DICE have brought attention topic of the Great War and the timing couldn’t
    be better.

  43. This is neat, I never expected to see this on the channel.

  44. It looks like they gave the British tanks a speed and horsepower boost as
    they seem to be moving and accelerating rapidly. But for gameplay purposes,
    I can’t fault them for wanting to make tanks a little more engaging to

  45. is that cut at 9:57 intentional? it seems awfully abrupt

  46. You guys should do a analysis on the game Verdun!

  47. Quick question:

    Once your great war series is over will you move on to WW2?

  48. I´m kinda disappointed with the factions. If you look at them on the wiki
    or this trailer some major ones are missing. Like France, Serbia and even
    Russia. And I seriously don´t see why Italy was included and not them.
    Italy isn´t without reason usually considered the worst army next to AH.
    The aforementioned factions deserved to be included far more. And yes,
    Russia too was mostly cannon fodder as well,but it was more important
    cannon fodder…

  49. I`m not going to lie, i found your channel after seeing the trailer. I`ve
    been a battlefield player for years and am very excited to get the game.
    I`ve been a WWII history buff for years and the combo of battlefield 1 and
    your channel have gotten me very interested in the first world war! Thank
    you so much for the videos you make and sharing history!

  50. really good work! interesting to watch

  51. Gabriel Scheuber

    so good thank you so much

  52. Hoping to play as Bulgaria!

  53. The plane is not a Sopwith Strutter, it’s a Bristol F2B, sopwith’s don’t
    have flat fuselage.

  54. I saw a bunch of people including the 1886 Lebel into the confirmed
    weapons. It doesn’t seems to appear in the public trailer tho (but probably
    in the 5 min private trailer a few lucky people saw). Does anyone have any
    infos about that ? It would be cool since we didn’t heard a lot about the
    french faction until now.

  55. No French Army ?

  56. Im glad this special exists. so many people were bitching a few months ago
    when people mentioned it could be ww1 era, and all of those bitching people
    thought it will be a horse driven boring game. show em the truth about the
    potential this game has!

  57. I take issue with the sentence “…covering Egypt, the Arabian Peninsula,
    Mesopotamia, Persia, PALESTINE and all the way up through Anatolia”.

    WW1 started in 1914 and finished in 1918. During this time, the Levant was
    under the control of the Ottoman Empire which was divided up in to
    provinces (Vilayets) and administrative divisions called “Sanjaks”. There
    wasn’t a Sanjak called Palestine. There was a Sanjak of Jerusalem, Beirut
    and Syria. I don’t buy the idea that you were just listing terms that would
    correspond to modern territory because that too would be inaccurate

  58. Thanks for doing this analysis of Bf1

  59. Krzysztof Drzewiński

    Actually first time I’ve seen this trailer I thought the game would be some
    WW1-inspired steampunk game.

  60. What about the game Verdun? I’d be cool to see a review of that game from
    an expert’s perspective. 

  61. The British aircraft pictured is a Bristol F2B also known as the “Brisfit”.

  62. no one talks about austria´s role in ww1, there´s a big front just ignored,
    whole eastern europe was at balle against austria, so there´s a lot room
    for additional content

  63. Kenia Velasquez

    will you Indiana play the game?

  64. Bryzum FuckGoogle

    ahhhhhh yeah

  65. Edward Richtofen

    Today, I learned that my family has filed for involuntary commitment on my
    behalf. I’m certain they got to my mom and my dad and forced them to sign
    those papers. I must be getting close to the truth. They’re getting
    restless. I will not stop.

  66. Best trailer breakdown ever

  67. the mask of the armored guy is real

  68. Another analysis said the artillery crew were Australian, 2nd Australian
    Tunnelling Company to be exact, from their patch. So not British or
    American if he’s correct.

  69. Tankbattlion761

    About the use of shotguns in the trenches, I heard that the Germans
    exceuted soldiers found carrying the shotgun as well as ammunition for it.
    Is it true or not?
    Also will you be doing a special on the types of tanks used in world war
    1. I know the British had the Mark I, that had two version, a male with a
    six pound cannon and a female with a Hotchkiss MGs, and the Whippet
    tank.The French had the Renault FT tank, that was also used by the polish
    troops in the polish-soviet war from 1919 – 1920. Also they developed the
    Saint-chamond heavy tank and the Schneider CA1.Final the Germans with the
    A7V box tank, I heard that there was a famous tank battle on Aprill 24,
    1918 durning the second battle of Viller-Bretonneux. Where a Mark IV,
    commanded by Second Lieutentant Frank Mitchell, engaged three of these A7Vs
    and knocked out the lead tank before the others withdrew. This surprised me
    the the most because I never thought that there were any tank on tank
    engagements in World War I.
    On a side note I found out that the British have a tank motto from the
    Great War that is still in use today it says: “Through the blood and the
    mud to the green fields beyond.”
    I really love your show, and keep up the good work and thank you very much.

  70. Awesome video! Thanks guys.

  71. Can you review the game Valiant Hearts: The Great War?

  72. Steven Huynh (runninglikethehuynh)

    Was there a video for the Harlem Hellfighters? Those guys were inspiring
    and badass!

  73. I’d say the aircraft at 3:37 is a Bristol Fighter F.2B. Note the similarity
    of the fuselage behind the gunner and how neither the tail nor the fuselage
    match that of the Strutter. The Strutter has a rounded fuselage and the
    Bristol a square fuselage as in the video.

  74. Ryan Plesniarski (rcplez90)

    You are an excellent speaker.

  75. Now this is some good content.

  76. the british green aircraft with the tail gunner is almost certainly a
    bristol F2. the sopwith does not have a boxy rear fuselage and the tail
    wouldnt look like that.

  77. FANTASTIC episode!!

    it’s only fitting that you guys made an analysis of the Trailer.

    like it has been said, you could do special episodes about WW1 games like
    Verdun, Red Baron 3D, or Valiant Hearts.

    keep up the good wotrk!

  78. cool special guys

  79. Indie, I have to disagree with you and say that the soldier you pointed out
    at 7:22 being Ottoman is actually Italian. Why? The insignia on his
    shoulder is the same as the insignia on the Italian soldiers at 9:35. Just
    pointing it out, if I’m wrong, please tell me!

  80. Oh SNAP!!!

  81. Thanks for covering this!

  82. markalexander774

    Am I the only one that thinks the tanks are moving way too fast? Wikipedia
    lists the British Mark IV tank as having a top speed of just 4 mph. They
    probably have it going much faster in the game just to make the game more
    fun, because a tank that was slower than the troops would be kind of boring
    for a video game, so I understand the desire to speed them up, but it’s
    definitely not realistic.

  83. I wish I could up vote this more!

  84. Not even 1 French or Russian soldier in the trailer? Its not like they were
    the 2nd and 3rd nations with most casualties in the war… I hope at least
    they will be playable in the actual game.

  85. Even with the few inaccuracies, I’ve been waiting for a good WW1 FPS for
    decades. Now that the tech and graphics are getting more and more
    “realistic”, I’m glad I’ve had to wait. Game developers have been doing
    modern or future FPS games forever, and had crammed WW2 games down our
    throats since that, sadly, is the more familiar major war. Funny thing is,
    if they add in a playable commander player, who directs artillery, recon,
    and even tactics, because of how badly so many “gamers” are on the
    internet, it will make it more realistic. It would be like being directed
    by von Hötzendorf, Foch, or French, unintentionally adding to the realistic
    feel. As for the weapons in the wrong sides hands, the weird armor, or the
    use of wrong dated equipment, I can forgive that. I mean really, if I were
    a soldier on the battlefield and I saw the enemy killing my mates with a
    really awesome weapon or found a new way of protecting myself, I’d had at
    least tried to use it. Adapt or be killed. It really is more likely that
    these are a form of “leveled up” gear. You play so much you get to use the
    better stuff. Looks fun though and I’m really looking forward to this as a
    long time gamer and war buff. Thanks for doing the in depth look at the
    promo trailer for this.

  86. I’m fine with it not being completely realistic. I can do with out P.T.S.D.
    thank You very much D.I.C.E.

  87. Muhammad Aizat Che Azemi

    wait, there were americans in the great war? what an unrealistic game smh

  88. The only thing I think you may have missed are the balloons. Aren’t those
    barrage balloons not observation ones? Note the steel cables everywhere
    dangling off of them in some of the cuts. Other than that, great video.

  89. if there is no Serbia in it that is a big miss. But yet it is still

  90. Comunidad Battlefield ESP

    a todos aquellos jugadores de battlefield, apoyad mi canal y enviad todo lo
    que tengais para demostrar que podemos ser una comunidad mas grande que la
    de cod

  91. Dude I love you Videos but this one is WACK, you literally just talked
    about the game cause they couldn’t incorporate every single aspect to
    compete historical accuracy it’s a GAME not a book. Again no hate but you
    can do better

  92. You’re about to have alot more subscribers lol.

  93. Thanks Indy. You are da bombdigadee

  94. Seanicus Badassicus

    Do realize that Battlefield 1 is set in Alternate History/Reality WW1 as
    mentioned before.

    We could definitely be seeing some interesting/unique stuff going on here.

  95. Love this analysis! Thank you!

  96. Welcome to all the new subs. Glad the first world war is getting the
    attention it needed especially considering since it’s been 100 years since
    then and its always nice for people to remember all the young men who
    sacrificed their lives in the war.

  97. Thanks for the video

  98. Great video thanks for the breakdown, I think the flamethrower depicted in
    the trailer may be the German Wechselapparat based on it being both man
    portable and the “doughnut” shaped fuel canister on their back

  99. Excellent vídeo!!!

  100. This is genius haha. More of these… whenever a ww1 thing comes out.

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